November 13, 2014 7:16 pm

Onyx V2 – Security Update is out!

Due to some issues that were brought up by a researcher, we’ve revised the Darksend protocol extensively to enhance the anonymity provided. It’s very important that all clients on the Dash network update.

Users Required To Update:

Darksend Users
Normal Clients

Changes made in this release:

– Masternodes can now make a limited number of zero-fee transaction for Darksend. These are special transactions that require a signature that only the masternodes can create.
– Darksend now has no fees to track what-so-ever, all that will ever be in Darksend transactions are Darksend denominations.
– Added queue gaming protection
– Clients remember which masternodes they’ve connected to in the past and won’t use them against.
– Dsee/Dseep messages have been fixed so they only take newer signatures than the one they have
– 2 different kinds of client crashes have been fixed
– Split up main.cpp into core.cpp
– Split up darksend.cpp into masternode.cpp, activemasternode.cpp and instantx.cpp
– Added modular ProcessMessages for Darksend, Masternodes and InstantX
– Client can now join sessions with any other users

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