May 30, 2020 11:50 am

New Dash Animated Videos

We released our first ‘What is Dash?’ video years ago and it has been long overdue for an update. Today, we are pleased to release a new video to introduce our favorite project to newcomers.

We have produced two versions of the video because not everyone needs the same amount of information.

The first version is shorter and focuses on the user benefits of Dash. The second version includes all the content from the first version and adds some more content on masternodes and governance, which is not immediately relevant to the average user. We plan to test both in different contexts and see which works better, but our intuition is that someone who already has some knowledge of digital currencies will react better to the longer version, while someone who just cares about making payments, will prefer the shorter version.

Short version — Dash is Digital Cash

Not so short version — What is Dash?


Additionally, we have access to the audio mix for both videos, so we can easily keep sound effects while localizing the spoken language. We would like to invite anyone interested in dubbing the videos to reach out to us. We have resources to produce a reduced number of languages ourselves, but we can reach much further if we work together.


Since usernames will hit our wallets in the near future, we have planned the video around that event. We have modified versions of both videos that include references to usernames. We prefer to wait to publish those videos until we have a hard release date for usernames. This will allow us to better plan and build up excitement as the release date approaches.


We welcome any feedback you may have!

We plan to produce more videos about other topics (for businesses who want to know why they should accept Dash, another one with more details about all the innovation/features around masternodes, and one explaining the Dash platform), but we first wanted to observe the reaction to this first video so we don’t double down on the style or the format without proper discussion. It is impossible to please everyone in things like this, but we will try to gather some consensus.


A lot of people in Dash Core Group have been involved with the videos at some point, be it by helping with scripts, topics, or commenting. Also, a few people in the community contributed with valuable feedback once we had an initial version of the videos. Thank you everyone for your time.

We have worked on this project with 22Storks creative production house. Their team gave us their best during the process. 22Storks was already familiar with Dash before, and are big fans of the project now. When we move forward with the other videos, we plan to work with them again.

Author: Fernando Gutierrez
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