October 3, 2020 1:26 am

How the Dash Cryptocurrency is Being Used in Africa โ€“ Q&A with Dash Nigeria Lead

Dash is a leading crypto in digital payments globally with a huge user adoption in Venezuela and growing acceptance on the African continent.

By leveraging the wide mobile penetration and the fairly unstable currencies and economies, Dash is proving to be a well-fitted solution to these opportunities and challenges on the continent.

BitcoinKE had an exclusive question and answer session with the Dash Nigeria lead, Nathaniel Luz, to understand the use case and adoption level of Dash on the African continent.

Who is using Dash in Africa and Why?

If you plan on living solely on crypto, you have to consider merchant adoption. Dash is being used to pay merchants even without them choosing to accept it.

CoinProfile, a Nigerian-based crypto-to-fiat platform lets Nigerians use Dash to pay for goods offered and services rendered. The merchant simply receives payment in the local currency making it possible to………..


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