September 28, 2020 2:13 am

DASH Ecosystem is Now Excited about the Best that Is Happening with FastPass

Liquid is the FastPass partner for Dash.ย  Market makers (maker orders) are earning a 2bps rebate when they trade select altcoin and stablecoin pairs. Indeed a rewarding experience for traders.

Dash tweeted:ย  โ€œTrade Dash now on our FastPass partner Liquid and receive 2 bps rebate on market orders. Spread the word and experience the speed of Dash by trading today on Liquid!โ€

Also the, Dash Voting Cycle is coming up.ย  The budget payments is set to happen soon after the voting deadline and it is set to provide 3792.00 DASH of 5325.00 DASH total available budget. At the time of reporting, there were 27 active proposals.

Felix Mago, Dash Next Co-founder in……………


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