May 4, 2020 1:40 am

Dash – digital cash & the Blockchain revolution in the making – by Felix Mago, Co-Founder of Dash NEXT

Hype and speculation aside, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have had a hard time over the last decade. For the better or worse reasons their reputation is still not the best, at least outside of the Blockchain bubble.

With various scam projects, overpromising solutions, empty buzzwords and extreme price volatility, many people have a hard time trusting in Blockchain or cryptocurrencies. Moreover, even though the number of crypto holders and projects is constantly growing, we haven’t seen the AOL moment of Blockchain yet. We still have no application or company to truly drive mass adoption with a substantial user base.

But let’s remember, Rome wasn’t built in one day, so maybe it’s more realistic to take baby steps instead of disrupting the world through Blockchain by tomorrow. One way to get there is by providing working solutions, great value propositions to customers and continuous efforts to build sustainable businesses. All of those aspects are key to achieve this vision of a better world that is built on Blockchain.

The good news: There are many outstanding Blockchain projects out there with great potential for disruptive or just simply better solutions than we currently have. For many reasons, Dash is one of them.

Cryptocurrency usage – we need merchants and customers

Looking back on how Bitcoin started, payment……………………


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