November 27, 2020 1:36 am

Dash Cryptocurrency Penetrating Retail Markets To Promote Adoption With Real-Time Usage

It just looks like the economics of scarcity is meeting the economics of abundance.  It is nice to see Dash evolving to be something useful at a time where there are lot of cryptos which are mainly used only for speculation.

Anything based on speculation will not last forever.  It takes usability for lasting long.  Hype makes no sense.  True adoption is from the real world and therefore growth should also be real world. It is important to acknowledge that the term cryptocurrencies is not trusted by many.  When the overall reputation for crypto improves, a certain degree of growth will be fuelled.

Dash in a tweet expressed that for those who voted “General Usability” Blockchain is evolving.  It is getting very easier to enter in to the world of social payments with Dash cryptocurrency using the Dash Pay Alpha program. By registering the user name on the network the blockchain identity of the users will not be any longer restricted to the cryptographic addresses.

Price fluctuations scare away many prospective users.  This is because not all retail users are not walking around with lot of………….


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