October 10, 2014 6:35 am

Dash Now Trading at CCEDK

ccedk.com, a Danish exchange renowned for its security, have announced that they are now accepting Dash. Trading with Dash will include, amongst others, trading pairs such as the Euro and the Russian ruble, opening up further possibilities for Dash’s increasing popularity.

ccedk.com is presented as the first crime-free cryptocurrency trading platform. Boasting a dual-language English/Russian interface it is aimed at a wide audience, but has often been overlooked. Notably there are plans for further interfaces in Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Danish and Chinese suggesting expansion is on the horizon.

Their security-conscious approach is likely to be welcomed as cryptocurrency users become more cautious in the face of well-known exchange collapses such as Mt. Gox. To counter such a possibility ccedk.com keeps a reserve fund, amounting to thirty-percent ofthe crypto currencies revenue, to protect their customers in the case of losses. This is a major innovation akin to how major banks refund the victims of fraud that grants customers a degree of security in the event of being targeted by criminal elements. As more and more users of cryptocurrencies begin to enter the marketplace it is important that more institutions take financial security into consideration.

In terms of trading the site has promised Skrill integration in the coming months which will make depositing fiat a breeze. Also impressive is the range of fiat currencies which can be used including Danish/Norwegian kroner, British pounds, US dollars and Euros, accounts can be funded SWIFT wire transfers, SEPA, and Deposit and withdraw in RUB/UAH/EUR/USD, using more than 150 payment options in terms of funding with the Payment Service Provider Payee!

One notable feature of ccedk.com is the remarkable degree of transparency on offer. They are confident enough to post the details of their lawyer and they are clear that they will follow the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA) regulations to help integrate cryptocurrency trading into the mainstream, including its regulations. With this layer of legal adherence a core feature of the site it is clear thatccedk.com will emerge as one of the safest exchanges and is surely a strong recommendation when tempting newcomers into the world of cryptocurrency.

It is worth noting that the security of ccedk.com can be usefully combined with the privacy offered by specific cryptocurrencies and, in particular, that of Dash. This coin already has a large following in Europe and is gaining further traction in Russia, Ukraine, Poland and many others. In this manner ccedk.com is the perfect home for Dash trading given its dual-language interface. Dash, which anonymizes transactions if one chooses, has slowly emerged as the major alternative to Bitcoin and with new innovations appearing daily it is grow even further. As Dash enters the mainstream alongside secure and transparent exchanges such as ccedk.com we will find ourselves in the mature position of combining financial security with financial privacy opening up cryptocurrency to ever wider adoption.

Petra Stolle

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