May 15, 2020 8:20 am

A great read from one of our latest Dash Partners, IntoTheBlock: New Analytics Provide Fascinating Insights About the Dash Cryptocurrency

Dash is one of the most relevant crypto-assets in the market and one that is delivering real value to customers around the world. Beyond its position around the top 20 cryptos by market capitalization, Dash has been adopted in mission critical applications such as remittances, payments and commerce activity in emerging economies. Initially built as a fork of the Bitcoin protocol, Dash has steadily incorporated new capabilities that enable specific use cases within payments such as InstantSend for speed and ChainLocks for security. In that sense, providing analytics and intelligence about Dash is not only relevant for its role as an investment vehicle but also as an enabler of those specific use cases. Recently, IntoTheBlock and Dash announced a partnership to deliver a rich analytics portfolio that will help investors, traders and every-day users to understand insights about the behavior of Dash.

A Gentle Introduction to Dash

If you are a crypto enthusiast, chances are that you might have heard of Dash but maybe not so much about the capabilities that makes it a favorite for use cases like payments and remittances. The two things to know about Dash is that its SECURE and REALLY FAST. Without attempting to provide detailed architecture of the Dash protocol, there are some key features that are worth highlighting:

· Masternodes: Dash is a two tier network in which we have regular nodes and masternodes. The role of the latter is to power specific functionalities such as treasury management, governance, InstantSend and ChainLocks without affecting the functionality of the network.

· InstantSend: Dash is typically fast but InstantSend makes it faster. InstantSend is an enhancement that allow a set of masternodes to confirm a transaction almost instantaneously without having to wait for the respective blocks. InstandSend enables the implementation of scenarios that require high performant and scalable transactions.

· PrivateSend: In addition to performance, Dash also enables robust privacy capabilities. PrivateSend is an optional feature, of the Dash that allow masternodes to mix inputs………..

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