July 3, 2016 1:22 pm

12.1 Development Update

Evan Duffield:

Internally among the core-team (our core DAO which maintains the software, promotes Dash and executes its day-to-day activities), there’s been a building sense of excitement about the near future, d10e and beyond. Things are going great and we’re building momentum internally, toward our goal of achieving an Evolution compatible financial network to spread Dash usage around the world. However, it seems this excitement is limited to our team and information has not extensively propagated to the community about the ongoing work. While some elements – such as developing business partnerships – are difficult to share, we want to engage the community more effectively on the elements of progress that we can share.

We feel it would be best to develop deeper knowledge of the progress we’ve made within the Dash community before launching through a finely tuned campaign of public education. We will eventually reach the public at large through public appearances, promotional materials (videos, demos, etc), and media exposure. We might as well use the upcoming events at d10e (July 21 in CA) and our meetup event (late August in GA) to build this sense of understanding among the community about our recent advancements. At d10e, we will have three separate presentations; one on how we are solving decentralized banking; one on our decentralized governance improvements; and one (from Node40) on decentralized infrastructure. This will be a great introduction for the unacquainted and a much more complete information source for getting up-to-date about our project. Beyond that, we will use the meetup in GA to show off our second version of the Evolution prototype, made by our very own Evolution team. Between all four presentations, we should have a very strong series of educational presentations for the community.

What is in 12.1 and beyond?

In this release we have reinvented the Dash network. Understand that 12.1 development is basically the foundational component of Dash Evolution. We are presently building out this foundation in Dash-Core and Dash-Evolution completely separately to accelerate the process. These pieces will be connected together in a later release for the full realization of Evolution.

The most significant change included is a completely different underlying engine, which can be used to build various pieces of software. This new system will be known as the governance system. The first usage of this governance system is to clone the existing functionality from 12.0, from the basic budget system, except written purely using the governance system. So while you may not notice any immediate changes to the core functionality and capabilities, the important distinction is the way that functionality is implemented.

After we present the system at d10e, we will include an invitation to the larger community to help us test. 12.1 will provide some revolutionary new features that we have kept from public view. Using these features, we plan to entice people to come help us test them on testnet. It should be fun and help us build a sense of excitement about the upcoming release.

Immediately after we launch 12.1, we plan on executing our next phase of the project. This will include a major core-team restructuring, revised compensation arrangements, paid-contractors for expediting Dash Evolution workload and a highly improved budget system implemented using the 12.1 engine.





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