June 7, 2021 6:48 pm

v0.17 Migration Report — v0.17.0.3 release, Masternode and Miner Adoption, Spork 23 (PoSe) Activation

Dash Core v0.17.0.2 was released on May 19th, the first release of v0.17.x

New Release v0.17.0.3

A few minor bugs have been fixed since the first release of v0.17.x. These fixes have been bundled into a new hotfix release, v0.17.0.3. This release adds some recently updated translations and help strings. It also rectifies a small amount of build issues and a rare crash on some linux systems. Miners and masternodes do not need to upgrade to v0.17.0.3 unless they encounter issues on v0.17.0.2.

The binaries can be found here.

Miner Adoption / Hard Fork Activation

The v0.17.0.x release included a modified BIP9 style hard fork that requires miners to signal their readiness. Miners will begin signaling starting on July 1st. Because of this, we do not know what the status is on miner adoption, however we expect this hard fork to be non contentious; no complaints have been voiced by miners to date over this release.

The earliest the hard fork will activate will be ~July 15th. Any miner, masternode, or user who does not update by the time the HF activates will no longer be on the correct chain.

Masternode Adoption

Masternode adoption is currently around ~73%. We strongly urge all Masternode Operators to upgrade as soon as possible. Spork 23, which enables PoSe, will be activated on June 15th. After this date, any masternode not on v0.17.x will risk being PoSe banned and losing rewards.

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