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Twitter report @dashpay 2022

“Who controls the memes controls the universe”Elon Musk

It has been almost our first year managing the Dashpay account, and we are happy to share learnings, and hear from many of you the changes and improvements you see on our voice. Given Dashpay’s Twitter large following when we started in May 2022, we understood as clear opportunities the account’s potential to get into the crypto and Web3 trends, and at the same time cement Dash’s reputation as a long standing member of the crypto world. 

Therefore the following growth goals were envisioned for the Dashpay account: 

  • Provide the Dash brand voice an updated -post 2018 voice, and
  • Improve engagement into a larger user base of current crypto fanatics,

Both of these metrics will result in increased engagement, and we decided to measure them in conversations with our community (aka Replies), and more engagement overall (Likes, RTs, etc).

From our initial analysis of the Follower base, we also learned the account had a large number of non-human followers (bots), so we included as a third, less relevant goal, the decrease of the bots in an organized manner, as having too many bots as followers, and not reporting them hurt the account with a twitter suspension during the year 2021.

With these goals in mind, we organized an initial publication plan, tested different approaches with the goal of increasing visibility and interaction with the Dash fanbase as first target, and the overall crypto community on Twitter as a secondary segment. We have been creating content based on result analysis and adapted the image and tone of voice to the preferences of our current followers, with a more friendly and sometimes humorous line of communication, and making sure we always keep the Dash branding guidelines and crypto voice.

We used the second quarter of 2022 as our initial period and exploratory phase to better understand Dash’s community of followers on Twitter (May-August) and a second phase (September-December) in which we took as a reference the content that had the best engagement.

We found the Dashpay account receives the most interest in twitter when referring to the following concepts: 

  • Dash payments, 
  • Dash Hodling, and 
  • Crypto investings and price topics. 

At least 70% of the best positioned content refers to  these aspects, the other 30% refers to educational content, curiosities, network updates and others.

However, while there is a community that shares the benefits of Dash, promotes a Hodl mentality, and actively comments on their appreciation of the market, there is a small number of crypto users that are emotional and get frustrated with market downturns, going from Dash is good on the upside, to Dash is bad on the downturns. We see these followers as the equivalent of unhappy past customers, as they still follow the brand.

We also dedicated time and resources on attracting those who are still unaware of the benefits of Dash, through interaction with different partners, by joining finance Twitter spaces, and the sharing of varied content to promote and inform of the qualities and updates beyond the Dash network.

In order to maintain all of our social media, we have also shared some of the better performing content created for twitter on other social networks, such as Instagram and LinkedIn.

Now, let’s get to the data

From the graphs we can see the positive result on engagement and reach after just increasing the frequency of postings. As the @DashPay Twitter account saw an increase in frequency of content published, engagement and impressions followed. 

We can also see that despite responding more abundantly in the first months to every comment, impressions dropped, so we decided to not over use the reply function, controlling our time to from responding various times to all replies, into responding a few comments per tweet (Although we will continue doing, as this is a fun part of the job)

With a monthly average of 115 tweets, as of May 2022, we achieved a monthly average of 640.1K impressions, an increase in our visibility on Twitter of 63.9% compared to the first quarter of the year (prior to our management). We kept working on increasing reach and engagement, while continuing to clean up the account of bots and inactive accounts that do not add value to our community.

We designed a content creation process, and implemented tools and measuring processes to get to know our Twitter followers better, and as a result, during the second phase we adapted the  style of our publications and tested the response to the content of our tweets. We managed to keep impressions close to average, and discovered by using demographic and timing analysis (read more below) that our community is mostly young and prefers a lighter, closer and friendlier language.

Along the same lines, we increased production of multimedia content with a more fresh and futuristic format, which quadrupled engagement and interactions with the community on comparable posts.

We have worked on growing an active twitter community that not only recognizes  Dash’s qualities, but also understands Dash and wants to pay with Dash and live on crypto, even if it’s on twitter. We are evolving Dash’s identity on Twitter and associating it with everyday elements and those that represent power, strength, and speed; we gradually are evolving from only being Digital Cash and now entering the Web3 world.

It is important to note that during this period, we have been sliding into our DMs to reach out to more members of the Dash community who have helped us to organize more activities and share technical and promotional content about Dash. People like to know that Dash is growing, and that’s why we want to keep the community updated on each of its developments. At the same time, we kept a close eye on developments inside and outside the crypto community to keep up with trends and stay ahead of the curve.

We also opened up DM and twitter interaction with important community partners in order to reach viewers in their audience. We shared content and cross-promoted with: NowPayment, WhiteBit, NowNodes, Binance, Localcryptos, Exodus, Coinbase, CrowdNodes, and many more. 

We organized AMA’s and twitter Spaces with: Thorchain and Guarda Wallet, which turned out as a great tool to engage our community, and it is something we will definitely repeat during all of 2023. In addition, we proposed, supported or co-hosted activities that promoted the use of Dash as a payment method in platforms such as and DashDirect.

Demographic analysis

Through our twitter research tool, we conducted a demographic analysis of our Twitter community and found that the highest percentage of our followers are between 18 and 24 years old (40.29%), where 84% are men and 20.88% are located in the United States.  The United Kingdom, India, and some Latin American and European countries are part of our largest community of followers as seen from the tool.

These stats allow us to better understand our audience and adjust our content and voice. Therefore, in the last months, our content has focused on promoting the qualities of Dash with a more fresh and entertaining tone, which is well received as it’s easy to digest by our community.

Now, what are we planning for 2023?

For the following period, the strategy will maintain the creation of content that obtains better results. Among them:

  • Content that highlights the Dash logo as the brand’s own identity, such as: Short animated videos with the coin in motion.
    Images showing the Dash logo in an everyday, technological environment or with messages alluding to market actions (hold, buy, We are all going to make it, AKA: wagmi, etc.), GIFs, etc.
    Images of the Dash logo on advertising or merchandising material (shirts, pens, billboards, banners, etc.)
  • User-focused interactive content to generate conversation, including: GM, trivia on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, bull/bear market related questions and trending memes.
  • Useful content that answers doubts and frequently asked questions about Dash, such as curiosities about Dash (#DashFact), tutorials about its usability and recommendations when investing in cryptos.

Additionally, we will work on actions to improve the account’s activity, with the aim of reaching new audiences, including:

  • Respond to opinions and concerns about Dash and its usability in the comments.
  • Retweet users who generate positive content, experiences, or opinions about Dash.
  • Follow up on concerns with one tweet per week of Q&A.
    Finally, to improve Dash’s reputation and generate confidence in new users, the following actions will be taken:
     – Retweet followers who make positive comments about Dash.
     – Give tips and recommendations on how to buy Dash safely and use it to their benefits, as opposed to highlighting only price changes and increases, as we see that some followers seem to have bought into Dash mostly due to an intention to generate profits with price fluctuations, and not as a freedom and payments method, and they.

Final Thoughts and conclusion

In recent months, there has been a growing interest in topics that are rapidly advancing in technological development, such as Web3, AI, NFT, gaming, metaverse, and questions regarding mining. So, we believe it will be a good idea to evaluate how and in what way Dash can be added to any of these trends to reach new communities. Some ideas we are researching include:

  • Interact with video gaming communities
  • Provide tools for NFT artists
  • Support or encourage programming and development projects
  • Conduct interviews with influential personalities
  • Participate in physical or digital events on technological innovations

Having led and measured the growth efforts on twitter, we conclude that our voice is improving in presence and engagement, and we are confident that a continuation and improvement of the previously mentioned actions will continue to cast a voice in the cryptocurrency space, and continue to prove that Dash is an undisputed OG in the crypto space.

We want to share to the world how we can lead the way into 2023 with the launch of Dash Platform, just like we did in 2017 with our Masternode innovations and Digital Cash positioning. 

2023 will be the year of Dash, and we will let everyone know about  it, starting on twitter!!!

Author: Ernesto Contreras

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