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How Dash Is Being Integrated Into Everyday Transactions

Dash, originally sold to the world as a privacy-focused cryptocurrency, has since rebranded as a payments coin. In that regard, the developers of the Dash cryptocurrency have made several upgrades to the network to make it an efficient payments network. Thus far, they have been quite successful. Here are some of the ways Dash is becoming an integral part of payments processing around the world.

Merchants Accept Dash as Payment

The Dash team has been working hard to ensure that Dash is accepted as payment for goods and services. For most businesses, the challenge has always been how they can make this happen. The Dash developer team has worked hard to make it as simple as possible.

Dash Payment Gateway

One of the easiest methods for a business to accept Dash payments is via a payment gateway. One of the best payment gateways that facilitates Dash payments is CoinPayments. The company offers users of the services a simple click-to-play feature directly from a merchant’s site. Once they click the button, they are redirected to an active invoice page.

Once on the new page, they are given the option to pay in Dash, and an address and amount required are displayed. Once they make the payment, CoinPayments will display a “PAID” message and invite the customer to return to the merchant’s site.

The CoinPayments widget is available for seamless integration into several eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento. Transactions are charged a small fee of just 0.5% per transaction.

Self-Hosted Solution

Besides payment gateways, eCommerce sites can opt to host a payment solution. Payments are sent directly to your Dash wallet without relying on a third-party custody provider. One of the best self-hosted solutions out there is BTCPay Server.

This solution eliminates payment processing fees that are sent to a processing firm. Additionally, it eliminates all custodial risk that comes with letting a third party collect funds on your behalf.

The only downside to this solution is that you will need to download and maintain a synced copy of the Dash blockchain. Alternatively, you can find and configure the usage of someone else’s blockchain. This solution works great depending on your goals and technical expertise.

Customized Solutions

The third option is to come up with an in-house customized solution. The Dash team has created a suite of software development kits and tools to help companies achieve this. One example of such a solution is Bitrefill, a gift card and more of a top-up service. The solution perfectly complements the offerings of the DashDirect App. The company picked a short list of coins, Dash being one of them and the most used to date, and created a custom payment solution based on this list.

A significant advantage of using Dash is that businesses can confidently deliver goods, and services, in less than two seconds after Dash payments are processed. The Dash quorum technology makes this possible, which utilizes its masternode network to secure payments. As a result, customers do not need to wait for blockchain confirmations before invoices can be confirmed.

One of the options above will work for you no matter your business needs. If not, you can check out several other options to help fulfill your needs. The Dash customer support team is always available to help users find the best solution possible.

CrowdNode Masternode

CrowdNode offers a trusted Dash Masternode hosting service. Its service lets holders of Dash receive masternode rewards for any Dash above 1 Dash. The CrowdNode system is highly automated, giving Dash holders numerous opportunities to earn interest/rewards for those owning over 1000 Dash.

Recently, the Dash Core Group announced that it had started a rollout process on integrating CrowdNode with the Dash Wallet app on Android. The new integration will allow users to create an account with CrowdNode from their Dash Wallet app in minutes. No personal information is gathered during the process since all transactions happen to and from a single address, and everything is visible on-chain.

CrowdNode launched its service in 2018 to offer everyone the opportunity to benefit from fractional masternode rewards and participate in Dash governance. The team behind CrowdNode is transparent and active in the crypto community.

With the new integration, users can begin earning an income on their Dash holdings with as little as 0.5 Dash. Users can deposit and withdraw funds from CrowdNode instantly from Dash Wallet. This integration offers real-world utility to the Dash Network while providing value to the entire Dash user base. It represents yet another use case for the Dash Wallet.

A Leader in Decentralized Payment Solutions

The Dash Core Group has worked hard to position Dash as a leader in decentralized payment solutions. In that regard, they have been quite successful. Today, Dash is accepted by over 150,000 merchants in the US via DashDirect and around the world. Over 6000 ATMs and over 260 crypto exchanges globally support Dash. 

The Dash team has always been a pioneer in the crypto sector. A good demonstration of this is the fact that they pioneered the masternode concept, which entails using powerful servers backed by collateral in Dash. These masternodes are used to provide advanced governance capabilities and features on the blockchain. Consequently, it ensures stable, time-tested returns for the masternode operators.

Everyday Use Cases for Dash

Most cryptocurrencies in the world today have little to no practical use cases. They exist purely for speculative and experimental purposes. However, Dash is different; the cryptocurrency was intentionally designed by its developer team to be an integral part of everyday transactions.

One of the major components that enable practical applications for Dash is  DashDirect; a mobile app used to facilitate gift cards for over 155,000 retails around the US and online. These gift cards are denominated in the preferred currency of a user, down to a penny in real-time.

This system eliminated confirmation times, enabling Dash payments to be settled instantly. Anyone with DashDirect can order a Dash gift card during self-checkout for any amount, including decimals, and pay with it in the next instant. Unlike traditional gift cards, where there are always un-spendable balances such as 23 cents, 71 cents, etc., this system allows full utilization of the balances. Another benefit of this system is that it comes with huge discounts.

Here are some of the benefits of using the DashDirect App in everyday transactions:

Discounts while wining, dining, traveling, and lodging

  • 2.25% off Airbnb.
  • 6% off any location booked via Hotels.com.
  • Up to 8% off several eateries, including GrubHub, DoorDash, and several high-end restaurants.
  • Nearly 2% off for rides taken using Uber.

If you are part of the growing community of digital nomads who work remotely and can live in any location, you will be pleased to find extra discounts for numerous tech-related needs while on the go. For example:

  • 0.5% off Best Buy purchases
  • Nearly 3% off all Google Play purchases
  • 6.5% off Peet’s Coffee & Tea and others to fuel remote work.

Benefits of Using DashDirect for Shopping

When you use DashDirect for shopping, you will receive huge discounts. For instance, you will receive nearly 6% off purchases on Stitch Fix, an online apparel merchant.

Users of Stitch Fix are asked a series of questions. Here, items are picked for you by an algorithm and by a human stylist for purchases of $20 and higher. Items are sent free, and anything you do not like can be sent back free.

Shopping via Instacart using DashDirect also gives you a 1.5% discount on all purchases. Instacart is an app connected to grocery stores near you that displays all available inventory. The grocery items you pick are then made available for pickup or delivery.

Take Your Significant Other on a Date

Part of the #DashLife experience is about enjoying your life after all the hard work. With DashDirect, you can share the benefits of Dash with others.

If there is a significant other in your life, you can show them affection with an in-home massage while enjoying a full 8.5% discount when you use DashDirect to make orders from Soothe. The Soothe service offers in-home massages to all its users. You can also get a considerable discount when you purchase décor accessories from Pottery Barn, cosmetics from Sephora, and craft supplies from Joann’s Fabrics.

Dash also allows you to treat yourself via various discounts:

  • 3.2% off all GameStop purchases
  • Up to 11.5% off purchases on a selection of golf and driving range games
  • 2% off Lowe’s purchases

The huge discounts offered via the DashDirect App are one of the main reasons to consider the #DashLife. Come back to learn more about how the Dash debit card can significantly change how you live your life and the lives of those near and dear to you.

We will post regular updates about the #DashLife, including updates on discounts on various stores that you can receive when you use Dash to make everyday purchases.

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