August 14, 2019 12:56 pm

Dash Integration With Uphold Removes Withdrawal Fees and Expands To iOS Wallets

Integration extends Dash’s availability while making crypto experiences more affordable

Scottsdale, Ariz. — August 14, 2019 — Dash, the top digital currency for payments and e-commerce, announced that Uphold has removed withdrawal fees associated with Dash and has expanded integration to support Dash Wallet for iOS. The integration enables Dash Wallet users to create an Uphold account, easily buy and sell Dash from within the Dash Wallet all with no Dash network withdrawal fees. Customers can also purchase using debit or credit cards, or with funds directly from a bank account in the United States and European Union.

The integration’s expansion into iOS along with the removal of DASH network withdrawal fees creates a seamless experience for digital currency users and makes the service even more accessible than before. The removal of fees is especially important for communities in parts of the world that are struggling with hyperinflation and economic crisis and use Dash as their currency of choice.

“This integration simplifies how users transact with Dash and brings us one step closer to our goal of widespread adoption,” said Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core Group. “InstantSend has been a key feature of Dash on Uphold, allowing for quick movement of Dash into and out of the platform. Its availability to both Android and iOS users without withdrawal fees means that Dash is even more affordable and accessible than ever.”

Uphold has eliminated the $2.99 flat-rate fee charged to customers when withdrawing DASH from its platform to the Dash blockchain. Now, only the Dash network fees remain, which are less than one U.S. cent. Since its inception in 2013, Uphold has facilitated nearly $5 billion USD of transactions, making it easy for users to acquire and transfer over 30 cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies such as USD, Euro, and many others.

“Dash has been a long time partner of Uphold and we work closely with them to optimize usability. These updates to our integration make it easier and less expensive for users to pay with Dash in real-world scenarios, increasing Dash’s usability and streamlining the user experience,” said Uphold CRO, Robin O’Connell.

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Dash CEO, Ryan Taylor, and Uphold CRO, Robin O’Connell, are available for interview.

About Dash:

Dash is digital cash designed to offer financial freedom to everyone. Dash allows millions of individuals across the globe to carry out instantly re-spendable and secure transactions, with near-zero fees. Built to support real-life use cases, Dash is the leading decentralized payment solution: it is accepted at over 4,900 merchants globally, accessible via 700+ ATMs and 90+ exchanges worldwide. Dash has pioneered groundbreaking features including:two-tier network with incentivized nodes and decentralized project governance (Masternodes), instantly settled payments (InstantSend), instantly immutable blockchain (ChainLocks), and optional privacy (PrivateSend). The Dash Network’s development is supported by Dash Core Group, the largest organization funded by the Dash Treasury, which supports and nurtures the continued worldwide development and integration of Dash. For more information, visit or follow the organization on Twitter @DashPay.

About Uphold:

Uphold is the creator of an open, trusted and transparent digital money platform that lets you quickly and safely access traditional currencies, cryptocurrencies, and other investments all in one place. Uphold has powered more than $4.9 billion in transactions across 184 countries, in more than 30 supported currencies and four commodities.

The Uphold platform provides access to the widest range of currencies and investments available in one place, with transparency and security. Uphold is the only company to publish real-time reserve holdings, providing its members with the necessary information to make informed decisions. Uphold has global operations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Braga, London and Mexico City. More information can be found at, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Not licensed in all jurisdictions.

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