February 8, 2019 11:28 pm

Dash Core v0.13.1 Release

Dash Core v0.13.1 Release

Dash Community:

As we mentioned on yesterday’s quarterly call and in the weekly product update, we are releasing v0.13.1 of the Dash Core software in order to accelerate adoption of the Dash Core v0.13 software by improving the process by which DIP3 (Deterministic Masternode Lists) gets activated. This release goes out today.

Current System

Previously, DIP3 adoption was designed such that activation would only occur after 80% of blocks in a 4,032-block window (approximately 7 days) signal DIP3 to “lock in” the change. By default, signaling would only occur if both the miner and the masternode being rewarded were upgraded to 0.13. The reason for this setup was to avoid miners signaling deployment before enough masternodes had upgraded.


However, the unintended consequence of this setup is that the combination of the two checks in effect requires ~89% of support from both miners and masternodes at the same time, or some similarly high threshold of each population. After some internal discussion, it was agreed that this threshold is too conservative and could unnecessarily delay the activation of 0.13’s benefits. Currently, we can see that over 75% of masternodes have upgraded to Dash Core v0.13, making it safe for miners to signal DIP3 on every block. By the time 80% of miner capacity will have upgraded, we can safely assume that the percentage of upgraded masternodes will also have risen. There is also a 4,032-block activation window after DIP3 locks, allowing additional time for masternodes to upgrade, after which time masternode rewards may cease for non-upgraded nodes.


As we feel that it is now safe for miners to signal DIP3 activation on all blocks, Dash Core v0.13.1 will remove the check for upgraded masternodes, allowing miners to signal DIP3 faster. This upgrade is only necessary for miners and is optional for all other network participants including masternode operators and end-users.


The reason why we want to release this as soon as possible is to complete the process of upgrading the network before some key dates. After the activation of DIP3, we will be able to enable spork 15. Spork 15 will drop all unregistered masternodes from the system, allowing only masternodes registered with the deterministic masternode list to be paid. Because spork 15 resets all proposal votes, it must be activated at the beginning of a voting cycle to minimize the impact and allow votes to be recast as needed for multi-month proposals. We want to activate spork 15 in early March to avoid drawing out the process and risking any unnecessary delays in delivery of Dash Core v0.14 and v1.0.

Additional Changes

Other changes within this release include the following.

  • GUI Changes. The masternodes tab has a new checkbox that should filter masternode list by using keys stored in the wallet. This should make it much easier for masternode owners to find their masternodes in the list.
  • RPC Changes. There is a new RPC command getspecialtxes which returns an array of special transactions found in the specified block with different level of verbosity. Also, various protx commands show extended help text for each parameter now (instead of referencing protx register).
  • Fix for the “unidentified developer” error message upon installation in OSX, since the binaries are now signed with an adequate certificate. We are also working on a fix for Windows, but this will be released at a later date so as not to hold up the changes related to DIP3 activation.
  • Block size should be calculated correctly for blocks with quorum commitments when constructing a new block.
  • Special transactions should be checked for mempool acceptance at the right time (nodes could ban each other in some rare cases otherwise).
  • Signature verification and processing of special transactions is decoupled to avoid any potential issues.

Additional information about the release can be found on the release page and in the release notes.

Once again we urge all network operators who have not yet done so to upgrade as soon as possible to Dash Core v0.13.

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