October 11, 2023 8:13 am

A better fiat to crypto onramp is available for Dash: Welcome Topper to the Dash wallet

At Dash, we understand having frictionless access to acquiring Dash is key to enable real world usability, and that is why all these years we have worked hard to enable more options and cash in solutions for the Dash ecosystem. Today we are thrilled to announce an improved way to acquire Dash directly in the Dash mobile app: The Topper integration!

As some of you might have noticed, when you log into the menu inside your Dash wallet, and head into the “Buy and Sell Dash” component there is an added button on the Dash wallet: Topper.

The Topper integration significantly improves the acquisition of Dash as it is a reliable, regulated and trusted payment system powered by our trusted partner Uphold.

Some of the benefits we love about this new integration include:

  • Highest transaction rates – Topper has worked hard to obtain the highest transaction approval rates in the market.  Topper/Uphold has a decade of experience processing several million transactions! That means if you place an order for DASH using Topper, there’s an over 75% chance it’ll go through.
  • Transaction speed: we’ve seen and heard other onramps take hours even up to a week (gasp!!! 🤯) to process asset purchases. Your DASH purchase will be in your wallet in less than 2 minutes.
  • Topper’s support team is available at all hours to assist should anything arise!
  • Fast signup — in about a minute! There is a brief ID Verification, but that’s for your protection.  Plus it keeps our approval rates high. It’s pretty quick and painless. You do it once, then you’re good to go.
  • Country coverage, Topper is available in 150+ countries including the US
  • Trust factor – Topper is brought to you by Uphold, a brand that prides itself on radical transparency and enabling the most trustworthy, transparent and seamless crypto experience possible!

Being trusted partners for many years, Uphold and Dash have pioneered the Cash in options since 2018 when we embedded Uphold accounts into the Dash non-custodial wallets, and we are really happy to upgrade that integration and allow for even more benefits to users with the Topper enhancement.

Try it out, and let us know your thoughts!!

The future is bright for Digital Cash!

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Ernesto Contreras

Marketing and Business Development

Venezuelan engineer, full time crypto since 2016. Dash Core Group global head of Marketing and Business