August 27, 2020 12:21 am

Dash Nigeria Takes Digital Currency Education Campaign to Regulators and Key Institutions

With sophisticated fraud schemes seemingly overwhelming the African crypto market, there is a growing need for players in the space to help fight this scourge. Some are responding through increased educational campaigns, which they hope will not only turn the tide against scammers but will also attract masses to cryptocurrencies. has reported in the past how one Nigerian fintech entity chose a popular reality television show to market bitcoin. Using the popular television show may have helped to bring the crypto into the limelight. However, more still needs to be done if ordinary people are to become fully knowledgeable about digital currencies.

In this report, we zero in on one influencer who has chosen a different path to crypto education–a book that explains digital currencies in simple terms. Nathaniel Luz is the author of the book titled: “Digital is the Cash” and is the leader for Dash in………….


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