April 2, 2020 2:47 am

AMA with Ryan Taylor and Binance U.S. transcript is now available on the Dash blog

A huge thank you to Dash Community member Macrochip for putting this transcript together! This is the transcript of an AMA with Ryan Taylor and Binance US. The AMA was held on Binance U.S.’s telegram channel with prizes awarded for correct answers or if their user submitted questions were selected to be answered by Ryan. The AMA took place Monday 3/30/20 at 7pm EST.


Ilir, [31.03.20 01:00]

Don’t panic! You’re not banned, you are just muted for portions of the Dash & Binance.US AMA

The AMA will be happening as follows:

1⃣ Segment: Imabinang will have a Q&A with Ryan about Dash. Make sure you follow closely as some of the responses will

2⃣ Segment: Segment 2: Ryan will ask the chat a total of 5 questions. A link to a google form will be sent into the chat for each question, so a total of 5 Google forms. Each Google form will accept submissions for 2 minutes. Participants must fill in: (a) the answer — (b) your Binance.US referral id — © your Dash wallet address — (d) personal Telegram handle. There will be a pool worth $400 of $Dash to be distributed equally amongst the winners.

3⃣ Segment: Chat asks Ryan questions. Take some time to think up some really good questions if you want to be a winner. Tom will select 5 of the best questions after the AMA, as the lucky winners who will receive 20$ worth of $Dash each, making that a total of $100 $Dash.

🗣 In order to be eligible for the giveaway, you are required to perform all the tasks for Segment 2 and Segment 3. Remember, unique and quality questions will be taken only into consideration! 🗣

🔶 Last but not least, the total airdrop quantity will be $500 worth of $Dash. Have fun!

imabinang (BNB Angel), [31.03.20 01:00]

[In reply to Matt Duchow]

It’s just a chat on this channel — Keeping it simple

Ilir, [31.03.20 01:01]

Hello world! Good evening US Binancians 🥳

Ilir, [31.03.20 01:01]

Welcome to another series of Binance.US AMA! I am your co-host for today, alongside @imabinang and @tmccarthy94!

Tom (BNB Angel) 🐉, [31.03.20 01:01]

Hello everyone 👋🏼

Ilir, [31.03.20 01:01] …………

Please read full AMA at:

Author: Michael Seitz
Original link: https://blog.dash.org/ama-with-ryan-taylor-and-binance-u-s-transcript-f12071ac528f

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