November 6, 2019 12:34 am

Omni Analytics: Masternode Cryptocurrency Market Cap Mirrors Twitter Presence

Masternode cryptocurrency market capitalization mirrors the project’s Twitter presence, according to Omni Analytics, with Dash ranking highly for both.

According to data and statistical consultants Omni Analytics Group, the market capitalization of the various cryptocurrency projects that employ masternode infrastructure has been found to be correlated to the perceived size and vibrancy of the community based on social media as measured through Twitter activity:

“In the nearly two years we’ve been analyzing masternodes, the [positive] correlation between market cap and Twitter presence has never wavered.

Where did these rankings come from? First step was to look at the basics… market capitalization vs. likes per tweet. Naturally, larger coins with larger communities had an advantage here. Same idea with analyzing a masternode coin’s retweets per tweet.”

Of all the coins surveyed by……………


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