September 9, 2019 1:55 am

Merchants and ATM operators continue to flock to Dash

It is pertinent for any cryptocurrency to keep on growing. Such growth can be achieved in different ways. Making a currency and its ecosystem more accessible is often the best way to go. It seems Dash, the privacy-oriented altcoin, is making big inroads in this regard. Its availability at merchants and ATMs globally continues to increase at a quick pace.


It is good to see cryptocurrencies make some positive headlines now and then. More often than not, there is a hint of criminal activity when it comes to Bitcoin and altcoin. Dash’s recent partnership with IQ CashNow aims to put a different spin on that tale. The well-known e-commerce service provider has made it its mission to bring cryptocurrencies to a much bigger audience across the world.

IQ CashNow is a service which is active across the US, Europe, and even Ecuador. As such, there is a good chance…….


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