⏱ Question TimeStamps: 🚩 02:33 What is the legal status & timeframe for Dash Ventures? 🚩 04:35 What is Dash Ventures? 🚩 07:48 How will masternodes get rewards from Dash Ventures? 🚩 12:36 Would it be possible to allocate Dash Venture rewards to the treasury? 🚩 15:49 What is the current status of Alt Thirty Six? 🚩 19:00 Do you have details or updates on the Alt Thirty Six ATMs? 🚩 20:00 When can we expect to see an updated roadmap? 🚩 27:24 Will we see Dash Evolution launch in 2018? 🚩 28:23 What is the priority of offering Masternode Shares in Dash Evolution? 🚩 34:40 How will Core utilize the recent scaling research paper from ASU? 🚩 40:27 Where does Dash currently stand with SEC regulation? 🚩 44:22 How do you feel about PrivateSend & how is Dash going to solve Japan regulation issues? 🚩 51:44 Will there be a Dash conference this year? 🚩 53:17 How do you plan to launch & announce Dash Evolution to the public & media? 🚩 55:25 Is there any update on Dash Labs? 🚩 58:11 Thoughts on Dash transaction metrics? 🚩 1:06:06 How can you improve on communication & providing updates to community? 🚩 1:11:35 Would you be open to doing a live AMA video like this every month for community? 🚩 1:15:44 Has the Core time size peaked & will we see more activity in Arizona HQ offices? 🚩 1:21:14 In the future what will make people select Dash over using other cryptos & fiat?