This is a video repost of an interview from our YouTube channel with Karen Hsu Head of Growth for BlockCypher answering the following questions about the recent AloGateway partnership with Dash.

⏱ Question TimeStamps:\ 🚩 00:23 What is AloGateway?\ 🚩 00:51 What is China UnionPay and why is it so significant?\ 🚩 01:32 Is AloGateway a B2B solution or is it a POS solution?\ 🚩 03:06 Do you know what businesses or merchants use AloGateway?\ 🚩 04:05 How important is this partnership in terms of Dash network expansion in to Asia?\ 🚩 05:38 Do AloGateway only operate in Asia?\ 🚩 06:30 Is there any more exciting BlockCypher Dash integrations to be announced in the near future?

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