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The Latest Analysis About DASH and Litecoin Cryptocurrencies

The peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, DASH, offers the InstaSend service, instant transactions. It also operates a self-running model allowing those who use the DASH network to pay individuals and business. Litecoin is also a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, however, the coin and creation transfer is not managed by any central authority, and it uses cryptographic protocol.

DASH a short 28th of December analysis

This virtual currency has not been in the center of attention and the $1200 level still offers resistance. It is possible that lower levels might come soon, closer to the $1000 level.

Litecoin a short 28th of December analysis

LTC seems to be struggling as well lately and there is no sign it will rise soon. If the value levels below $225, the market will test the $200 level and even lower to the $150 level. At the moment the market is going towards the $325 level.

DASH: a brief history

This virtual coin was released in 2014 and it used to go under the name XCoin (XCO). In February this year it took the name Darkcoin and in March it took the name Dash.

This cryptocurrency is famous for using a two-tier network and unlike, Bitcoin, the existent second uses mastermodes.


This digital coin is older than DASH and it was released in 2011 by a former Google employee, Charlie Lee. Back in 2013, Litecoin reached $1 billion market capitalization and in December 2017 the value reached $20,000,000,000, with one Litecoin valued at $371.00.

So far there are several cryptocurrencies using different technology such as blockchain, cryptocurrency tumbler, proof-of-space, initial coin offering, Zerocoin etc.

The most powerful cryptocurrency so far is Bitcoin using SHA-256. Other to follow it are Bitcoin Cash, Factom, Namecoin, NuBits, Peercoin.

Proof-of-work digital currencies are Dash, IOTA, and more, while Litecoin is Script-based.

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