November 24, 2017 12:00 am

Dash Digital Cash Brazilian Community Sponsor the 36 Nacional Arabian Horse Expo in Brazil

“This is a series of interview during the event in Sao Paulo Brazil about Arabian horses, The Brazilian Community is very proud To sponsor another athlete, Mauri Fonseca And the 36 national Arabian horse exposition in Brazil.

This is an interviewWith the vice president of racing riding endurance Almir Jose Ribeiro and his take in how difficult is to buy and sell Arabian horses in Brazil due the bureaucracy and tax And how Dash Digital Cash can solve this problem.

Also he mention about the horse that started it all in the United States in the 70’s named “ Dash for Cash”. Today one of the only horses in the Sports Hall of Fame. What a great coincidence and what a fast horse.””

Author: Dash Dinheiro Digital
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