October 19, 2017 12:00 am

Project Portfolio Report – October 2017

Dear Masternode Network and Community Members,

As promised in another thread, I am sharing a Dash project portfolio report from Dash Core Group.
The report contains synthesized information abut delivery status of all our development streams. We are still working on new form of reporting, so please consider it a temporary format.

General comments about the work status

  • Majority of developers are being involved in DIPs creation and finalisation. DIPs are technical and functional specification of Dash Evolution.
  • Above causes “ON HOLD” status in majority of Evolution development activities
  • After DIPs are being finalised, project plans are going to be updated and roadmap re-defined (with all dependencies included)
  • The team is intensively hiring missing resources
  • Dash Core Group management works on the legal structure finalisation and internal org structure
  • PM team works on delivery model and internal processes
  • Majority of risks are caused by lack of resources and work on DIPs (these risks are being mitigated already by hiring and delivery model preparations)
  • The report contains only status of development projects that are not confidential (e.g. it excludes ongoing integrations and BizDev work)

Please find the report attached.
Thank you.

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Author: Robert Wiecko
Original link: https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/project-portfolio-report-october-2017.17424/#post-142868

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