Masternode missed payment


Jun 26, 2014
New record: another one of my Masternodes is at 6368 blocks without payments and still counting.

My conspired theory is that Evan always waits until this one _would_ get payed and restarts the reference node shortly before it.

I'll call this one "Murphy's Node" :)
There were some problems with reference node:
I've just discovered a bug that was only activated after 1000 masternodes were reached. The result is increased variance between payments the more masternodes we get. It's very simply to fix and I'll patch the reference node right away. It'll take a couple days for it to take effect, then we should have pretty even payments again (like after we launched).
Enforcement was off for a bit while I updated the reference node, you should start receiving payments like clockwork again soon.
UPD 08/01. Looks like we haven't any problems with missed payments now.
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