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  • Hi moo. I emailed you to withdraw my Dash. Can you let me know what else I need to do? I'm pretty sure I followed your instructions correctly.
    Anyone heared lately from him? My nodes went off on his service and he seems not responding on any Channel, heared more stories like this.. he maybe passed away :(?
    Howdy! Just saying hi through all available connections. There are still a few of us that have not received our Dash from your shared MN service despite several requests. Would very prefer to get settled up without legal action, but the lack of communication is leaving us with not so many options. thx.
    Hello Moocowmoo,
    a bit like the below msgs, I sent you an email about a masternode share which hasn't paid out since July, but the Dash has not been returned. Just a follow up, hope everything is cool
    Hi MooCowMoo, I requested withdrawal of my master share on 10 July 2019, again on 12th and again on the 30th. i would be grateful if you could action this as soon as possible because the lack of these funds is causing me acute embarrassment.
    Hi MooCowMoo -- sent you an email a few days ago requesting a withdrawal from mastershare -- just following up to confirm.
    Hello moocowmoo, I have tried to get in contact regarding a not working masternode withdrawl for several weeks now. Unfortunatelly my emails, messages on reddit and twitter have remained unanswered. This is turning into a huge problem for me. Please get back to me asap. Thank you
    Hi moocowmoo! I noticed a post in which you were very helpful in solving another member's issue with KeepKey wallet. (I know my issue involves BTC and not DASH, but I'm hopeful you would be able to assist.) I'm having an issue with my new KeepKey wallet. I did a tx to the wallet which shows on the blockchain, but not in my KeepKey wallet. Can you assist?
    Full time Daddydom has kept me so busy! I've not had the time to build my vaporware trusted service, but it's still on my todo list!
    Happy New Year, everybody! Launching an automated trusted service in the next few months! And, my son is due Feb '15! I can't wait!
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