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    Moocowmoo's Magic Masternode Maker

    @splawik21 He was notifying me about one of my nodes. Not sure how you missed that. @tungfa Not sure how you missed that either. I'll tell you the same thing I'm finding I'm having to tell myself more and more lately: "Don't rush to error." Appreciate your intent guys, but that's a public...
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    I keep getting told that I am posting spam

    When you signed up, I guess you missed this warning: Glad you've got enough posts now to not worry about it anymore. :)
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    New Forum Feature: Masternode Owner Badges

    @GuerraDiValute https://wallet.trezor.io/ Click the masternode account Click sign and verify Use the masternode address and the text from the website Be careful about copying a newline at the end. You only want the text. Click Sign, confirm on trezor Copypaste signature to forum! Do a...
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    New Forum Feature: Masternode Owner Badges

    Yesterday, @amanda_b_johnson asked me if the forum could offer badges for masternode-owning forum users that would like to have them. I needed a diversion, so I took a few hours to build it! Masternode owners, If you'd like this shiny new "Masternode Owner/Operator" badge you see me rockin'...
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    New forum bugs

    looking into it. no obvious javascript or server errors to go on. testing inline image
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    New forum bugs

    I don't see what you're talking about: 10 + 11 + 1 == 22 10 likes above, 10 likes below: This is not a forum bug. Nobody but you has complained about forum slowness, so I don't know what to tell you. And, quit creating additional accounts. It's obviously not helping your problem.
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    What would you like to see changed/implemented on New Forum

    I've added style preview thumbnails, and alternate styles with the sidebar on the right to try on for size.
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    dashvend - Miami soda machine tech demo software

    Announcing the open sourcing of the Miami soda machine tech demo software! https://github.com/moocowmoo/dashvend dashvend Example system for processing Dash InstantX payments The repo contains everything needed to recreate the Miami "dash'n'drink" soda machine InstantX tech demo. overview...
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    dash budget forecasting script (linux/python)

    I've built another python script for tracking the current budget status. It's new, but I'm pretty sure I've squashed all the big bugs. As always, let me know if you run into trouble. (If you're seeing old proposals, stop your wallet, delete budget.dat, and restart it. It will pull in an...
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    January 2016 Budget Proposal

    Excellent news! Voted! to vote with (linux only) dashvote, have your dash-cli and masternode.conf in ~/.dash and do: git clone https://github.com/moocowmoo/dashman.git dashman/dashman vote You'll be prompted to install any missing dependencies if needed.
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    www. + dash.org = 8 characters, why?

    fixed. ;) Thanks for the notify! added to all ssl sites on the server SSLProtocol ALL -SSLv2 -SSLv3 SSLCipherSuite EECDH+AESGCM:EDH+AESGCM:AES256+EECDH:AES256+EDH
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    dashman - linux masternode mangement made mootastic

    I think this is it for now... enjoy! dashman version 0.1.11 released protip: you can always run the latest version by prepending 'sync' to your command like 'dashman sync status'
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    dashman - linux masternode mangement made mootastic

    https://github.com/moocowmoo/dashman *now with voting goodness! (beta) dashman DASH wallet/daemon management utilities - version 0.1.9 This script installs, updates, and manages single-user dash daemons and wallets It is currently only compatible with 32/64 bit linux. Multi-user (system...
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    Simple Masternode Reward Calculator (openoffice spreadsheet)

    Updated to the latest code! https://masternode.me/downloads/diy_masternode_calc.ods (remember, these are minimums!) lmk if anybody finds any errors!
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    V12 Testing Thread

    have one win-qt 64 that hung. its block height was behind current. Now when attempting to quit its hanging here. Something in .30 is causing a lock up -- I had 16 out of 69 linux 64's do the same. last debug lines of the win instance below. Same "Assets" hang that I mentioned in...