Announcing my departure from Dash Core Group

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Sep 10, 2014
Hey there.. just confirming my mesage on DashTalk Discord today from my account andyfreer#5782.

Next year we need to focus on growing apps on Dash Platform.

This time feels a lot like the crash in 2014 to me, when it’s over we can focus on innovation again, both what Dash Platform does, and the apps mainstream devs can innovate on top of it, that can only be built on Dash with the incentivization and efficiency underpinning that (including Chainlocks which is a key part of Evo as it makes interactions instant for the end user).

In January I personally want our focus then to be 100% on that process and not rejigging fundamentals that don’t innovate anything and assume value of a scarce token is the scarcity of the token and not the utility or value it provides to people who choose to use it because it satisfies a need… helping the core devs involved to make that happen (especially Shumkov and Anton) is paramount and finding what they need and helping them to capitalise on Dash’s mainstream adoption path… real use cases for crypto in the mainstream that don’t assume Alice or Bob want to transfer or store value that goes up and down 98% :).

We fix that first, then crypto can be considered a real currency, and if we get it right (and I think we are the only crypto with that potential) then all this waiting, pain and challenges are worth it… We also need to think about how can we improve our structure to produce that outcome in the most effective and efficient way… I’m excited and ready to help… roll on 2020 :)


Apr 13, 2019
Hey there.. just confirming my mesage on DashTalk Discord today from my account andyfreer#5782.
Fully agree with AndyDark. The Dash network is finally making good on a long overdue promise, and DCG is delivering much more than just blockchain usernames. We must keep the focus on this and not start messing around with the fundamentals.

This crypto winter will kill off all the hype projects, leaving the rock solid, anti-hype projects like Dash.


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Nov 25, 2019
Hi, Andy, I offer my deepest gratitude to your extensive contributions, the vital role, and the direction you have blessed Dash with. I’m studying cryptocurrency and I’ve studied Bitcoin and Litecoin yet. Now I’m trying to understand Dash, how they work and how they differ from Bitcoin. I’ve to ask for some implementation details to the community because it is difficult to find that online.
Thank you.
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