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  • Hello Strophy - I appreciate the monthly Community Q&A
    Question: Can quantum computing destroy Dash? - any plan to make Dash quantum-proof?
    Thank you
    vifargent 1623
    Question for Q3 2019 (please rephrase it if the english is too approximative^^) : Has DCG any plan or ideas how to manage the organisation if the dash price does not recover enough in such an extensive period so that it dries up the entire money buffer ?
    Hi Strophy,
    Hope you can help me - I need a spreadsheet with all the Dash integration's (like Uphold, Bitrefill etc). Just need the Date and a brief description. If not you - who might have one? Thanx
    Hello Strophy, I use test code to create 5 enable masternode, then as one of the master node to create the proposal,nGovernanceMinQuorum is 1, it tips "ERROR: Block invalid, too what superblock payments",Want to know if there is any logic in the dash source code to create your own proposal as the master node and vote for it.thank you .If you can, please reply to me at [email protected]
    [email protected]
    donations: XfP3MceobgB45rSiY2aW3vAKDTzzoD4qX6
    I will organize a motor race Vladivostok (Russia) - Moscow (Russia)
    DASH and football are one!
    Yours faithfully Alex Faid.
    hELLO Strophy , i want some support from you as admin and dev from dash , please can you give me any channel adress you have it to communicate with u , skype or telgr ... thank you
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