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  • Hi, Two questions, how do i post in this Forum?
    I have downloaded the Dash wallet (Dash Foundation), I did a test a transfer to Jaxx Dash wallet £25 , it told me that it transferred £-28.24 from my Dash wallet and I only received £25.08 in Jaxx wallet, that is 12.6% commission !!!!Which is a massive rip off! How come this happened?
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    hey! i really need to speak with someone how has a dashcoin wallet would you be able to help me out?
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    I'm sure coingun can help you with a dashcoin wallet, cuz he's got millions of dashcoins... If you don't believe me, you can ask skillit who told me in #dashcoin IRC channel, "<skillit> Moli me and coingun got a shit load of dashcoin to hand out" ...
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