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NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

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Hello Darkcoin people! lol it looks like this thread hasn't been active in a bit. Anyways, somewhat new to Dash and continually impressed. Crazy how it's 12:00 EST and Dash is going nuts, but not because of eastern time zone folks...it's still going nuts in Korea!!! Anyhow, this forum is impressive. Each new time I interact with it I realize how much there is to the Dash platform.
im here to learn more than what i came in with, i would say this is one of only a few dragon lairs, but wow have you seen whats in the library
i like the sound of Evolution, and any of the debit cards, security is the key, but finding the right one is going to be hard, but a lot easier than the majority sites,
i keep asking people on my twitter where i can secure a wallet that can pay me out with cash, and i dont get anyone saying anything
but i can not afford stupid amounts of money, so can i start out with like a few ether and build it up that way ? anyone ??
Great! Thank you for your responses Fernando! Please, if any new members have any questions, feel free to ask them here!
I have a question, I'm from South Africa and I've been doing some research on local crypto currency wallets and so far we have Luno and ICE3 but they don't support DASH, its bitcoin and Ethereum. Which of your wallets can be used locally, to send money, trade etc, and also feel like down here people want less apps on their phones, so having a wallet that isn't restricted to one crypto currency is also an advantage. DASH has literally doubled in value in 3 weeks so what is being done to make it more accessible? I'm currently trying out the coinomi wallet
Hi Everyone,

New migrant to Dash nation from the Netherlands!

I've been a Crypto enthusiast for quite some years and my eyes fell on Dash at the start of this year. Excited about the future roadmap of Dash as a user friendly Digital Cash and looking forward to reading how its future is shaped here!

Hi, and hello everyone, i actually newbie and there is a lot to learn about Dash. I think i need to learn more about Dash because certain features that i like.. for an example Dash transaction only 4 seconds instead of Bitcoin which take a few minutes. And maybe other thing that i need to know on this forum.
Hey everyone! I am not new to Dash but I don't come around forums very often. I love the DAO as I see so much potential in it. I think these are the first steps into a new world. There are other projects in the space that I also follow. I am part of the Bitcunner community down in Cancun, Mexico. Back in June, i had the opportunity to help on a Dash conference that was held down here in Cancun and that is how I got into Dash. Then, on July, @mastermined approved my girlfriend and me for a "First Dash wallet" activation at Campus Pary Mexico where we helped over 50 students get their first 5 bucks worth of Dash. It was super fun. Also this year I had the chance to volunteer in Devcon 3 and looking forward to getting down to Acapulco for the Anarchapulco Conference. I collaborated for about two months on the Dash Global project owned by @JZA until it was suspended and now I'm thinking in new ways of helping adoption of Dash and cryptos in general. Good times to be alive.
G'day and Merry Christmas to everyone.
Snotter999 here from Australia signing in.
Haven't been in this crypto game very long and only mining on my desktop computer for a few weeks.
But that wasn't good enough and I picked up a D3 Antminer very cheap in Sydney last Friday off of Ebay!
Have been trying a few different pools out over the last 3 days and it's all pretty basic to setup and really at the moment I just want to hopefully make at least enough to pay for all this power I must be using!
Lots to learn and hoping this should be a pretty good place to learn a lot of it.
Hi there,

Thank you very much for the introduction and all of the services you guys are providing over here at Dash.

My name is Alessandro and I am a Venezuelan Economist, currently I am working with my business partners in a Blockchain-realted project called COINSPREE. In order to foster the inclusion of new users into the crypto industry people need simpler and easy to read materials for them to grasp a wider understanding of the matter. Misinformation and Disinformation are currently the highest roadblocks debilitating the possibility of creating mass-adoption of cryptocurrencies in Latin America.
We intend to introduce the benefits of Dash to Latin Americans as the best commerce-oriented crypto there is in the space.

We will be in touch in no time.

Thank you for the welcoming,


Coinspree Team
Hello! I'm new to the forum and excited about what Dash has to offer. Are there any people in the LA area that are working on developing the Dash network? I'd love the opportunity to connect and discuss opportunities.
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