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Dash Branding on Race and Acrobatic airplanes (How I'll promote Dash to 200,000 people per month)

#dash_aerosports brought our retired L29 (not the L39) jet from Reno to LA California today. Drop off the L29 with the new owner. We followed this flight with a meeting with our Chinese airshow colleagues. @DashRacer will be traveling to China this Month to negotiate dash_aerosports participation in 3 events throughout China. The discussion of promoting Dash - Digital Cash and its benefits over "WeChat Pay" within China has begun. We will insist upon Dash representation within our event marketing efforts.

if u need any local contact - please ping me direct (china)
Europe - ARC Air Race Championships have contacted me to meet and discuss their next 4 year plan. Details to be released once ARC authorizes me to start posting.



I live in Europe so will be very interested in this :)
We had asked for a 2-month transition timeframe. However, we have been able to network and call on some of our former marketing partners securing space at Oshkosh in July. We are also just leaving a Reno Racing Jet event now. We have only been funded for 4 days, but we took it upon ourselves to position the L39 for video marketing content. We were not able to get branding on the exterior of the Jet within the 4 day timeframe, but have already begun social media posting (one video with DASH-Digital Cash... DASH.ORG was viewed over 7000 times within 48hours of posting, the count continues to climb). Reno was also the first time that we began shooting the Reality TV footage (leading into the DASH sponsorship and transitioning to DASH AeroSports). We have also secured amazing full access, front and center location for the Reno Air Races in Sept. Our team has promised to provide an amazing virtual reality experience coordinated with the rest of the racing jets. This VR experience will be provided from our (DASH AeroSports) budget in exchange for special DASH logo placement at the bottom right of the NBC sports TV coverage.