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Dash Branding on Race and Acrobatic airplanes (How I'll promote Dash to 200,000 people per month)


My name is Scott Farnsworth.

I am a Dash investor.

And I have an idea to grow Dash Nation… by putting Dash in front of millions of people all across the globe (in a very exciting way).

Here it is:

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I own a company called AircraftWraps. We specialize in extreme aero-sports marketing via events like high-speed, low-altitude pylon racing, air shows, and acrobatic flying.

I’m submitting this proposal because I want to introduce Dash to the over 1 million people I fly in front of every single year.

I’m not a writer. I’m a pilot. So let me tell you my plan in the simplest way possible I know:

  • Roughly 1-2 times a month I’ll fly one of my two planes at an air show, race or exhibition (a minimum of 200,000 people on average attend these events).
  • One plane is an XtremeAir XA42. It is the most technologically advanced acrobatic plane currently available.
  • The second is a L39 jet - a plane with a rich military history - that I’ve specially modified for racing purposes.
Make no mistake, these planes attract a LOT of attention… and… I want to completely cover both of them nose to tail with Dash branding.

But why would Dash want to do that?

In a nutshell, Dash will gain Mass Exposure to International Markets.
  • Last year I won the European Air Race Championship (in front of 450,000 spectators)
  • The year before that I was the US National Air Race champion in my class
  • Hundreds of thousands of people attend these 4-5 day events in person
  • And millions more watch on TV as networks like Fox Sports broadcast them all over the world
  • And my exposure is only growing. As I become more successful in my racing career I’m getting invited to more events. Over the next few years I’ll fly in Thailand, China, Central America, Portugal, Croatia, the U.S. and England.
Are the people who attend air shows a good fit for Dash Nation?

I believe so based on information gathered by the International Council of Air Shows through their Event Organizer Survey.

They say:
  • Air shows attract a well-educated and affluent audience
  • Close to 70% has some college education
  • More than 54% report a yearly income of $50,000 or more
  • And 61.1% of the spectators range in age from 26-49 (because of cryptocurrency inherent privacy, it’s hard to find data on exactly what age bracket uses cryptocurrency the most… but anecdotal reports suggest most people fall in this 26-49 age range).
Furthermore, 87.6% of attendees report recognizing sponsors… and… MORE IMPORTANTLY, 65.3% of attendees report they are likely to try a sponsor’s product or service.

(I can attest to this. In an interview I ALWAYS mention sponsors. And without fail people whip out their phone and download apps for my sponsors when I mention them).

Simply put, I believe this is a great opportunity to put the Dash brand in front of millions of people all across the globe. And to do so in a very exciting and memorable way.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m a Dash investor. This means I have a vested interest in promoting Dash. And I will promote Dash every chance I get.

Here’s how I plan on doing that:

First, I’ll wrap both my planes nose to tail with Dash branding.

Remember, these are massive attention getters. Of course people come to watch the acrobatics while I’m flying. But these planes are also sitting out for the public to touch and see for the entire 4-5 day events. Imagine the impact and conversation starter a huge Dash logo will have on them as they admire the planes.

Second, the entire flight team will be outfitted with custom produced Dash branded flight gear. like this:

This is essentially a walking International billboard for Dash while I or anyone on my team is being interviewed, giving presentations, or just talking with the public at the event.

But promotion isn’t limited to just the event…

Next, and this is what will get Dash in television, radio, and print for a fraction of the price it would cost to purchase advertising space…

Events like these are promoted for 3-4 weeks before the gates open. TV spots, print placement, radio, you name it. The ads prominently display both the pilots and aircraft participating.

What this means is, Dash gets free advertising when the event promoters run all of these ads!

There’s more…

I don’t just fly at these events. My team and I run our mouths too.

During the 4-5 day race are media interviews, public appearances, fan and spectator interactions, etc. - all surrounded with Dash branding.

While being interviewed I will spend no less than 25% of the interview time promoting Dash.

This will put Dash on the map in a huge way.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what my first large sponsor - Matthew Hurley, CEO of U.S. Industrial Tool (a 9-figure supplier to the aerospace industry) had to say about my work ethic when it comes to supporting my sponsors: (Unedited in all it's raw form)

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="
" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

And of course, Dash will be promoted across all of our social media channels.

Furthermore, this will pay Dash dividends for years to come… because Dash will retain all promotional and media rights indefinitely to any and all content created during sponsorship.

Pictures, videos, public releases, interviews, articles written by media, Dash will own it all.

And I’ll make sure my media team sends Dash advertisers everything when directed.

Bottom line: When you sponsor me, I’ll put Dash in front of millions of qualified users around the globe… and… do everything in my power to promote Dash Nation and bring the evolution of currency to as many people possible.

So, how much is all of this going to cost Dash?

Well, if Dash was to purchase just one 30 second commercial spot during my win at the 2016 European Air Race Championship - paying average primetime rates - the fees would have been a MINIMUM of $120,000 dollars for those 0 seconds.

I’m not asking for that much.

But, keep in mind buying, flying, and maintaining airplanes is not cheap. And Dash will utilize my current fleet and equipment that is worth well in excess of $1 million dollars.

I’m proposing Dash sponsor me at the rate of 287 Dash per month.

Please vote yes on this Dash proposal. Your yes vote and support will unite the fastest digital currency with the fastest sport on the planet.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Scott Farnsworth
Very very interesting proposal!
For how many months is your proposal going to be?
Wow, I'm in. I second @splawik21 question - what's the length of the proposal? Take a note, that MNO community usually frowns on multimonth proposals from newcomers.
Awesome, pretty sure i'll vote for this.
If you could provide the regular proposal updates (which MNO would request if proposal is funded) in the form of bad ass video's like in your proposal video it would be even more awesome.

There are two things I love in this world, Dash and aviation. Do this and my life is complete.
Hi Scott
Thanks for being part of Dash Nation!

When you say "per month", how do you plan on doing that -- will it be a separate proposal each month with the price adjusted for the volatile market value of Dash? Or are you doing a single proposal for multiple months at the same rate? Is there a planned total duration for the sponsorship, or indefinitely?

This is a relatively expensive one relative to our other outreach efforts but I think there is positive value/ROI and it would be great to see it happen. How quickly after being funded would you be able to complete the necessary modifications to put the Dash branding on the planes?
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From talking to members on the Dash forum, I know the DAO community frowns on multi-month proposals from newcomers. But I’m asking for 6 months for the three following reasons:

First, the wraps for the planes are made from vinyl. Retail, for the two planes combined, this would cost one month of the DASH payment alone. Now, I own a company that does this so the cost isn’t nearly as much. And I’ve already paid my graphic designers to create the wraps (I showed you the designs above). But I still have to pay my laborers to print the wraps out and put them on the planes. This takes a ton of time to do right.

I am replacing every asset currently under my team's control and rebranding to represent DASH. The initial transition and setup cost would exceed several months of DASH payments. To go monthly would place undo risk on one party in the relationship. Defunding the proposal/agreement is always a DASH DAO option if we fail to meet expectations.

Bluntly, it doesn’t make sense for me to put all this time, effort, and money into creating and applying full plane wraps, all the other aspects of branding… race one, or maybe two events… and then pull everything off, go look for another sponsor, and start from scratch.

For this reason, our sponsorship contracts are generally 12 months.

Second, ditto what I said above for all of the Dash branded flight gear I’ll have to get manufactured.

Third, Amanda B. Johnson inspired me when she declared that she had “Placed her bet” on the winning Digital Currency. That simple statement sparked a passion within me to “place my bet” and grow DASH’s value doing the thing I know how to do the best- flying planes really, really fast. I hope to be the spark within millions of others that join our community. I will assist DASH capture one MarketCap spot to another until DASH emerges as the clear out-performer in this market.

But, as a marketing and racing business we need to plan and budget for events 3,4,6 or even 10 months in advance.

I have a 10 people on my team. They have families and children to support. Some of them have been with me for years.I fully believe in the mission of Dash. But I have to temper that with my responsibility to the people who rely on me for a paycheck.

I hope you understand why that means I have to ask Dash for a six month commitment.
I like your attitude, focus and vision on putting DASH as #1 coin. My votes would be on it.
Hi Scott
Thanks for being part of Dash Nation!

When you say "per month", how do you plan on doing that -- will it be a separate proposal each month with the price adjusted for the volatile market value of Dash? Or are you doing a single proposal for multiple months at the same rate? Is there a planned total duration for the sponsorship, or indefinitely?

This is a relatively expensive one relative to our other outreach efforts but I think there is positive value/ROI and it would be great to see it happen. How quickly after being funded would you be able to complete the necessary modifications to put the Dash branding on the planes?


Thank you for the welcome and questions. I typed up a general reply to some of the questions asked from earlier. You had some great points that might have been missed.

I plan to ask for 6 months so that we can plan both in regards to funding and committed aerosport events. As a race and airshow pilot, I hope to be an image and representative for DASH as long as the community recognizes the value of my work. I truly believe this could be an iconic racer and sponsor relationship. Regardless of the duration, we know that every video, interview, image, etc will benefit DASH perpetually from this relationship. Everytime DASH is googled, DASh will stand out from the rest. We are going to be the NASCAR of the skies racing team supported by the clear leader in Digital Cash.

Once funded, we will have the team fully transitioned within 30-45 days. We have already begun putting the processes in place for the transition. We have budgeted this proposal at a level which makes DASH overwhelming benefits in relation to the investment. Keep in mind, that we will not wait for the transition to be complete to start marketing. The storyline of the transition provides content and value to our print media contacts. On top of this transition storyline, our bosses which range in the thousands being to rapidly drive decisions in timeframes unheard of in normal aviation marketing is a storyline in itself.


@DashRacer Thanks for the answered question :)

If you propose this (6 month proposal for 287 Dash), I would vote for it. Hard not to get excited about this

What to do if the price of Dash goes up 10x in a month, well, I suppose that would be a good problem to have
Very visual proposal which will create a lot more media attention. You would have my votes towards this.
I have to ask for some help from the computer gurus on my first "create proposal". I am on the DashCentral.org and filled in all the entries on the create a proposal page. Once I click the "create proposal" button, nothing seems to happen. The page states that a command will be generated to enter into my DASH Core. I opened my debug on the wallet and don't see anything and only get a "method not found" when I press enter?

I'm really good at airplanes, I'll trade out airplane knowledge for command generation knowledge payable at our first DASH AeroSports Racing or Airshow event "Meet up".

I am on a Mac
I think you have to have some plan if the dash value increases in the 6th months. It is safe to assume dash will be a much higher price soon and will be the primary risk to your proposal not getting funded. If the price tripled by the end of the proposal period you could get a majority of no votes.

Will you extend the sponsorship.
For example
Month 1 Dash = $100
Month 2 Dash = $200 + add one month to the sponsorship
so on and so forth.