November 17, 2020 1:21 am

Exclusive Interview: Is Dash More Compliant Than Bitcoin Regulation-Wise?

DASH is a fork of Bitcoin that utilizes a two-tier masternode network that creates a scalable, on-chain, low fee P2P cryptocurrency payments network with the objective to compete with rival legacy payment and remittance services. At its core, DASH is not a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency, however it is frequently labeled as one of the main privacy coins by the media and regulators.  Unlike Monero (XMR) or other privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies, DASH’s PrivateSend function does not obscure addresses or amounts. Instead, it uses CoinJoin for it’s optional privacy feature-set.

From a regulatory standpoint, DASH is identical to Bitcoin. CoinJoin is already used by Bitcoin since 2013 to make transactions more private.  So, the reality is that this is nothing new and makes for no legally-definable difference. If there was one, it would equally apply to Bitcoin as it would to Dash.That is at least what Dash Core Group and several external reports have concluded. So one has to ask why there is regulatory confusion around DASH’s PrivateSend? Well, it turns out it’s not how the technology actually works, it’s because the name DASH has chosen for the technology ‘PrivateSend’ sounds scary and nefarious to regulators and that is what is causing problems and misunderstanding. It’s an educational issue not a technical one.

This is an exclusive interview with Dash Core Group’s CFO Glenn Austin to …………..


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