October 31, 2019 2:23 am

Dash and Ripple unleash new advertisements; Anker integrates DASH

Ripple is the fintech organization that has brought in over 200 banks to be part of the ever-evolving RippleNet. The solutions offered include xRapid [which includes on-chain liquidity and employs XRP to carry out cross-border transfers], xCurrent, and xVia. For now, most financial institutions are using xCurrent, but some including MoneyGram have begun experimenting with xRapid.

Take a look at this newly released advertisement released 4 days ago:

Dash is ranked at #18 to the north of NEO in the market. The trading volume recorded stands at roughly $359.963 million, while the supply has 9,114,888 DASH coins involved as part of circulation. The total market cap of Dash amounts to $625.053 million. The price ascended at a rate………….


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