October 19, 2019 1:20 am

This week (10/18) at Dash Core Group!

Hello Dash Community!

Here’s what been going on at Dash Core Group this past week. 💪

🎨 Removed old themes in desktop wallet as part of simple UI update

👪 Completed work in DashCore to resolve orphan transactions when parents appear in a block, which will fix mempool inconsistencies seen when higher loads appear with many chained transactions

👨‍🍳 Couple mixing updates for PrivateSend

🥄 Some refactoring in DashCore for spork related functionality in tests

🛸 Completed several tasks on Platform Machine, which replicates and updates state in Drive according to the consensus mechanism

📂 Completed work on Dash Platform Protocol to update the structure of data contracts, documents and state transitions in Dash Platform

📱 Worked on several screens as part of the DashWallet redesign on iOS, including the locked view of the Home Screen, Main Menu, Change Pin screen, Settings Menu, Currency Settings screen, and About Settings screen

🐛 Removed some outdated transaction lock functionality and fixed an issue where sent payments were stuck in ‘Processing’ status in DashWallet iOS

🖼 Completed work on the Enter Amount, Confirm Transaction, and Successful Transaction screens on DashWallet Android as part of the UI update and fixed a couple of bugs

Author: Elizabeth Robuck
Original link: https://blog.dash.org/product-update-october-17-2019-96069b4b3479

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