June 22, 2019 1:08 am

Dash Users! Here is a quick update on where we are in terms of Dash Core v0.14 release:

Hello Dash community!

Several folks have been asking about where we are with respect to the Dash Core v0.14 release, so here is a quick update.

Currently, we are at the “Monitor DKG Performance” step of the rollout based on the diagram above. We initially released Dash Core v0.14 to mainnet on May 22 and activated spork 17 (DKG) on June 4. Since then we’ve been observing the formation of LLMQs (long-living masternode quorums) and assignment of proof-of-service (PoSe) scores to masternodes, and are very pleased to see that 99.7% of masternodes have adopted Dash Core v0.14.

The use of quorums has been expanded with our v0.14 release, with 3 types of quorums currently being formed. Reference documentation can be found at https://dash-docs.github.io/en/developer-guide#masternode-quorumswhile more technical explanations are found within DIP6 (https://github.com/dashpay/dips/blob/master/dip-0006.md). The establishment of and participation in quorums is being actively monitored for the 50- and 400-member quorums. We have seen growing participation in each quorum type as the overall adoption of v0.14 has grown. At this time, we are regularly seeing 98+% of maximum membership.

Our next phase will begin with the activation of ChainLocks with spork 19 and LLMQ-based InstantSend with spork 20. This event is planned to occur over the next week as we complete our current monitoring stage and ensure readiness of the mobile clients. To support these new features, new versions of DashWallet (Android and iOS) will be released to the respective app stores. These versions are currently undergoing final testing. Please be sure to update to the latest versions of the wallet when they become available to take advantage of all the features of Dash Core v0.14.

Author: Elizabeth Robuck
Original link: https://blog.dash.org/dash-core-v0-14-update-f0f842a947bd

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