June 6, 2019 1:24 am

As of yesterday Dash is now live as a native payment option on Travala.com for hotels and flights

This makes Dash payments on their site much easier and intuitive than it was before.

Since last December Dash payments have been available on their site through a 3rd party option (CoinGate) which allows for a further 50 coins that are not accepted directly through their site natively. Unfortunately this payment experience was quite difficult to navigate for Dash payments and required leaving the site. On top of that, they didn’t actually advertise that they accepted Dash under Payment Methods until native Dash payments were recently enabled.

Travala.com is a great alternative to CheapAir for Dash paid travel.

Author: Travala
Original link: https://twitter.com/travalacom/status/1135769364739657728

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