June 4, 2019 1:19 am

Dash Electrum 3.3.6 released

Release 3.3.6

  • fix synchronizer not to keep resubscribing to addresses of
    already closed wallets (e415c0d9)
  • fix removing addresses/keys from imported wallets (#4481)
  • kivy: fix rare crash when changing exchange rate settings (#5329)
  • A few other minor bugfixes and usability improvements.

Release 3.3.5

  • The logging system has been overhauled (#5296).
    Logs can now also optionally be written to disk, disabled by default.
  • Fix a bug in synchronizer (#5122) where client could get stuck.
    Also, show the progress of history sync in the GUI. (#5319)
  • fix Revealer in Windows and MacOS binaries (#5027)
  • fiat rate providers:
    • added CoinGecko.com and CoinCap.io
    • BitcoinAverage now only provides historical exchange rates for
      paying customers. Changed default provider to CoinGecko.com (#5188)
  • hardware wallets:
    • Ledger: Nano X is now recognized (#5140)
    • KeepKey:
      • device was not getting detected using Windows binary (#5165)
      • support firmware 6.0.0+ (#5205)
    • Trezor: implemented “seedless” mode (#5118)
  • Coin Control in Qt: implemented freezing individual UTXOs
    in addition to freezing addresses (#5152)
  • Kivy:
    • fix bug with local transactions (#5156)
    • allow selecting fiat rate providers without historical data (#5162)
  • Testnet: there is now a warning when the client is started in
    testnet mode as there were a number of reports of users getting
    scammed through social engineering (#5295)
  • CoinChooser: performance of creating transactions has been improved
    significantly for large wallets. (d56917f4)
  • Importing/sweeping WIF keys: stricter checks (#4638, #5290)
  • Electrum protocol: the client’s “user agent” has been changed from
    “3.3.5” to “dash-electrum/3.3.5”. Other libraries connecting to servers
    can consider not “spoofing” to be Dash Electrum. (#5246)
  • Several other minor bugfixes and usability improvements.

Author: Akhavr
Original link: https://github.com/akhavr/electrum-dash/releases/tag/3.3.6

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