April 24, 2019 12:43 pm

Dash Electrum 3.3.4 just released

  • AppImage: we now also distribute self-contained binaries for x86_64
    Linux in the form of an AppImage (#5042). The Python interpreter,
    PyQt5, libsecp256k1, PyCryptodomex, zbar, hidapi/libusb (including
    hardware wallet libraries) are all bundled. Note that users of
    hw wallets still need to set udev rules themselves.
  • hw wallets: fix a regression during transaction signing that prompts
    the user too many times for confirmations (commit 2729909)
  • transactions now set nVersion to 2, to mimic Bitcoin Core
  • fix Qt bug that made all hw wallets unusable on Windows 8.1 (#4960)
  • fix bugs in wallet creation wizard that resulted in corrupted
    wallets being created in rare cases (#5082, #5057)
  • fix compatibility with Qt 5.12 (#5109)
  • hardware wallets: the Hideez Wallet is now supported
  • enhance ProTx mangager functionality, import/export DIP3 MNs

Please download at:


Author: akhavr
Original link: https://github.com/akhavr/electrum-dash/releases/tag/3.3.4

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