March 14, 2019 11:10 am

Bitrefill Reduces Prices on Venezuelan Vouchers, Works with Dash Text to Circumvent Blackouts

Bitrefill has lowered its prices for refills in Venezuela to subsidize mobile phone top-ups, and begun integrating Dash Text, to help in the face of nationwide blackouts.

Bitrefill offers a variety of vouchers and gift cards, as well as mobile phone top-ups, for cryptocurrency. During recent power and internet blackouts in Venezuela, the company noticed a sharp uptick in purchases from that country from customers using cryptocurrency to refill their mobile phone credit, as cellular service has remained operational during the blackouts. In a recent post, Bitrefill outlined a pricing reduction to help alleviate the situation:

“Our team held a meeting to see if there were any ways we could help. We reviewed tweets from Venezuelans teaching each other how to get reconnected using top-ups from We also saw some concern about the pricing of our Venezuelan telecom products.

We don’t have a direct connection in Venezuela and thus we pay a premium above the face value to acquire refills there. We were already selling these products at cost, but we decided to subsidize these products and reduce the selling price to face value, so until further notice, refills in Venezuela will be priced at face value according to the BTCVES rate.”

Bitrefill currently supports payments in a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Dash, with instant voucher …….. Please read Full Article at:

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