Dear Dash Community Members,

On behalf of the Dash Core Team I would like to invite you for the quarterly call to discuss project progress made during Q3 2017, summarise Core Team activities and answer your questions.

The call will take place on Thursday, 9th of November at 15:00 UTC on our WebEx channel:\

There are 100 places available in our virtual meeting room. The call will be recorded and shared on the forum.


  1. Welcome and Introduction
  2. Software Development Update
  3. Business Development Update
  4. Marketing and Communication Update
  5. Project Organization Update
  6. Project Finance Update
  7. Summary
  8. Q&A

Pease prepare and submit your questions here in this thread or you will have an opportunity to ask your questions during the call on the chat channel (if there will be no technical issues during the session).

US TOLL:+1-415-655-0001\ Meeting Number: 196 385 031

From the other countries, you could try numbers from the list published on the Cisco website (however I cannot guarantee if they work):

Thank you\ Robert Wiecko