March 23, 2017 12:00 am

Dash- wallet .com is a SCAM !!!

Fake Dash Wallet Fake | Beware Scam Website (dash-wallet dot com)
There are many “Fake” Dash/Darkcoin pages, please be careful and
do NOT trust any 3rd parties listed here !!
(we just had another community member fall for it) do NOT use and please report as suggested here :

Scam DRK/Dash Webpages:
dash-wallet dot com
https:// (Fake Baikal Sellers !!)

CoinVert Exchange https :// coinvert .io

(MOST are Scams. be very careful – do NOT use)
Please report these and any others

  2. registrar of domain (contacts for abuse repots) – available this way
  3. Please feel free to join our “Dash SWAT Team”
Updates / News:
Bitcoinist – Sep 2016
DashTimes – July 2016

Baidu – March 2016暗黑币传销组织公开开审&baiduid=C462607FCE40C05C04E33D04840F1A42&[email protected],[email protected]_2002,[email protected]_1_8.2_2_6.4&tj=rt_normal_1_0_10
South China Morning Post HK – April 2015
8BTC China – March 2015

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