Hashengineering released version 12.1 for his known Dash Android Wallet https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hashengineering.darkcoin.wallet after extensive Testing ,Tx to DashNationSlack, the Wallet is now supporting 12.1 for InstantSend (IS will be disabled until activated on the network.)



  • Updated for Dash Core 12.1 v4.65.12E
  • Partial Support for QR Codes requesting InstantSend v4.65.12D
  • Fix for continuous crashing v4.65.12A
  • Several bug fixes (scanning BIP38 encrypted wallets)
  • Updated languages v4.40.12L
  • New UI
  • Added full InstantSend Support (send/receive with status) v4.40.12g.ix *fixed bug that prevented mined coins from being spent v4.40.12f.ix
  • added disconnect v4.40.12d.ix
  • fixed bug with Reporting Issues