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What's Going on at Dash?

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Does Dash Core have any plans to, or see value in, acquiring money transmitter liscenses for US states?

I hope not, that would burden them with too much risk; too many eggs in one basket. Imo, better to have a separately funded org do it.
Is the management level of DASH designed to be mute or hidden? Because the only visible messages of @nmarley that can prove his management duties are these:


Nathan is one of our most busy guys when it comes to managing all the different teams and topics. He is constantly present in all kinds of technical and team related discussions, holding a lot of stuff together. Don't underestimate the amount of work needed to hold all strings together in a fully decentralized team!

Seems they started taking it seriously when they couldn't pay the bills for that last 18 months' expansion.
There is a lot more behind the scenes that lead to all the efforts you currently see. My impression was always that Core took it seriously, but was overwhelmed by the internal team and organization growth. Our internal structures, processes and flows finally start to crystallize and what you see pouring out of Core now is the result of this.
HD wallet support withing a week? This should make mixing so much more user friendly as users wouldn't have to worry about expiring backups anymore.
Nathan is one of our most busy guys when it comes to managing all the different teams and topics. He is constantly present in all kinds of technical and team related discussions, holding a lot of stuff together. Don't underestimate the amount of work needed to hold all strings together in a fully decentralized team!
And where are all these discussions recorded, for the members of the DAO to read them?
Do you admit that the management of the core team is done in an opaque way?

How can you manage someone if you do not send messages to him? And how is it possible for a DAO to tolerate management through hidden and obscure messages, not visible to the members of the DAO? You should not call it DAO (Decentralized Autonomus Organization) in that case, you have better call it CMO (centralized managed organization).

At least, as a compromise, I would accept for you to record all management discussions, to sign them and timestamp them, and to reveal them whenever evolution will become opensource.
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Well, you don't know, I know as I can see them.
Don't pretend you are worried, you know perfectly that is he working for Dash.
But what about you, are you still working in your lab in your pivx thing ? How is it going so far ?
You know who I am , for the very first moment. I am a dividend advocate. Thats why I advertise the basic income and I encourage all governed cryptocurrencies in order they give dividend to the future generations.

Thats why I was the first one who encouraged @Dashmaximalist in his difficult task. But the basic income should not be coin-specific, neither it is Dash's copyright. All coins should embrace it. I am also trying to convince PIVX on that. I have no profit for this, until now I have not even received the required money in order to be able to publish a proposal. I dont want to be paid in cryptocurrencies, I am asking to be paid in faith.

By the way, the good news is that also smartcash is planning to enter the dividend industry.

There is ucoin/renamed to duniter/renamed to G1. They have a remarcable theory regarding basic income, based on mathematics. Unfortunately the duniter community leaders hate governance. I am banned there for one year (until 17 jun 2018), because they hate polls (and freedom of speech and anything that has to do with governance).
I hate biometrics. Biometrics is the ultimate privacy invasion, and I am a hardcore anonymity advocate. An alternative proof of individuality that does not require biometrics is the proof of individuality that can be implemented if you apply my proposal . Unfortunately there is not a single cryptocurrency community on earth that has ever applied cryptoparties as a mean of proof of individuality. Many physical cryptocurrency meetings take place all over the world, but no one has ever put a ballotbox, let the attendees put printed wallets/ public keys inside it, in order for the attendees to be anonymized .
Similarly, the vote the numbers idea also has never been tried. And talking about the "vote the numbers" idea, it is utterly strange that no community in human history has ever dared to vote the numbers. Isn't it? How do you explain that? How comes and a relatively simple idea, has never been tried by anyone?
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@demo smartcash doesn't pay enough to secure the network, which is probably why they suffered an attack. pervx has also had days down, probably just sloppy programming. Otoh, dash core has been solid for me, which tells me the devs work really hard on testing, and that they take their responsibility for uptime seriously.
Hi @Alexander Chopan -- has there been another bi-weekly meeting overview to share?
I am particularly interested in an update about v12.3, as the previous update estimated ~1 week to release, but that was 3 weeks ago as I understand there have been some unforeseen issues regarding testnet?
Hi Guys,
I am new to Dash Nation and very excited about Dash's commitment to transparency. I want to spread the word in Australia where Dash is currently being offered by TravelbyBit as a method of payment for advancing tourism in Queensland and Australia. Could anyone help me in finding out the rep for Dash Australia that I could coordinate with to spread the word and increase Dash adoption by the greater community and merchant's.
The 12.3 release was said to be "~ 1 week away" in this update. It has been a month since then and while I know there can be unforeseen circumstance which delay software releases and I would rather have it done right then rushed out, I would definitely like to see postmortems explaining what happened to cause these delays.

Here's a good example from the Sia team on how to do a postmortem - https://mtlynch.io/sia-minio-postmortem/
What a load of twallop. All those complaining about Core should concentrate on building an alternative solution / team. Whatever Core's performance and accountability is, de=funding them is simply not an option without a viable alternative in place.

This is why some people consider dash somewhat centralized; we're too dependent on Core, whether it's praising them or hating on them.
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