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v0.11.0.x Core Testing

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partially fixed.
  • not understanding the part with the progress bar
  • transaction tab you can resize the columns on your own
  • default windows size: create a ticket against bitcoin
  • normal transaction was always normal transaction, not understanding this tooltip
Progress bar example is 75% now, then sudden it jump to say 25%, then after while it jump to 85% and so on...
Normal payment is without darksend enabled, i think darksent payment is not normal.
...a wallet where I could not use DS anymore.


I'm not sure a screenshot could tell you more... but if you like.
Could you do me a favor... and just try to make the same steps with your wallet... maybe you could verify my problem:

1) make a fresh wallet with some tDRK in it.
2) mix the coins with DS. I used 1000 / 7 rounds.
3) when mixing is finished send all coins out to a new recieving address within the same wallet. Send the coins without DS.
I had to select the coins through the coin expert feature manually because transaction was rejected otherwise.
4) After a confirmed payment to yourself you should not be able to mix them again - if it works that way like here.
there is just a fresh tDRK block in the my wallet, but darksend don't care about.
I just reproduced what you asked me to do. And yes I could not send the amount to myself right away because the transaction fee needed to be subtracted from the sending amount. Here's my screenshot:


So either you subtract this fee amount from the total amount you want to send, or you can use the Coin Control and it subtracts the fee for you and gives you the total.

I'm not sure what you mean here:
"4) After a confirmed payment to yourself you should not be able to mix them again - if it works that way like here."
Why shouldn't it be able to mix the coins for you again?

I sent all the coins to another address in my wallet, pressed the "Start Darksend Mixing", and now Darksend is mixing the coins again:

hashcow, I just looked at your screenshot and noticed the problem you have was what I had in version 11.0.4, but I haven't seen it in v.11.0.5 that I'm using. Are you using v.11.0.5? and you're not using the old wallet.dat?

I use windows 32bit wallet on a crappy windows computer. When testing a new client version, I would get a fresh wallet to test it, unless we need to test the backwards compatibility also for the final version. Sometimes i delete Darkcoin in the registry also, just to make sure what i see in the current client version that I'm testing.


As others have said, establishing a percentage of completion is so difficult because is a dynamic situation, if half way through the process you change the settings or receive more funds or anything like that, the percentage jumps all around and it is very frustrating not to see the 100% and even if it is 98% and you have a nice amount of coins anonymized you still feel the process is not done!

Maybe we just have to stop promising an exact amount of coins that will be anon, eliminate the progress bar, default to 8 plus rounds of mixing and just show:

Status: Active/Inactive/In Progress
Darksend Balance: XXXXXXX DRK

And the Darksend Balance grows as more coins reach 8 rounds and you can spend them if you want. The sensation of progress would be to see the balance grow. The upper limit would be around the target amount you set in the configuration, as follows:

Darksend Target Amount: Full Balance / Minimum Balance / A number of your choice between the minimum balance and the full balance.

Minimum balance: would be set by the system and is the minimum Darksend needs to work, so we don't get people trying to anon 0.03DRK and getting frustrated.

So the configuration would be only: enable/disable and the target amount with the options full balance, minimum balance or a number in between. If you try to input a number below the minimum or above the full the system rejects it with a message.

I think the above would be better, and you can keep the status messages that show at the bottom for the user to know that something is happening and the system is OK and working.

Just an idea.
...I sent all the coins to another address in my wallet, pressed the "Start Darksend Mixing", and now Darksend is mixing the coins again

thanks for testing moli. seems to work for you.
this is not the case with my linux wallet.

and it makes me wonder that you don't have to select the coins manually.
I have the same feature as thelonecrouton describes here https://darkcointalk.org/threads/v0-11-0-x-testing.3401/page-25#post-36400.

is there any difference between linux and windows wallet?
I use the latest download linux-64bit v0.11.0.5-88d1e63-beta

edit: yes i'm sure not to use an outdated version.
and it happend me with an old wallet.dat first.
but i could force my "unmixable" wallet problem with my described steps with a clean fresh wallet.dat too.

edit2: I will test the same on some other system too this evening
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I have no clue ,but I'll run a liquidity provider in a debugger to try and figure out what's happening.

Just a quick follow-up on this one - ever get down to the bottom of this UpdateState == 3 | 7 loop? Switched over to the new version on mainnet and it still seems like Liquidity Providers can get one denom in, then it perpetually stays in UpdateState == 3 | 7
It seems dstorm lost interest in maintaining p2pool-drk.
His repository is not working anymore and no commits since october.

Who has the time to maintain and fix p2pool?

This is the latest codebase: https://github.com/vertoe/p2pool-drk
On a v0.11.0.6 backend it fails to send_work to miners with the following stack:

2015-01-14 07:19:41.084178 0 tails:
2015-01-14 07:19:41.084315 0 heads. Top 10:
2015-01-14 07:19:41.084491 Desire 0 shares. Cutoff: 1.0 days old diff>0.00
2015-01-14 07:19:45.074739 POLL 8287 START is_long_poll=False user_agent='cpuminer/2.3.2' user='yGYURHHDQG42sJE282TQJMSCLMirzWFff3'
2015-01-14 07:19:45.080601 > Squelched JSON error:
2015-01-14 07:19:45.080739 > Traceback (most recent call last):
2015-01-14 07:19:45.080865 >  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/twisted/internet/defer.py", line 1099, in _inlineCallbacks
2015-01-14 07:19:45.081009 >  result = g.send(result)
2015-01-14 07:19:45.081130 >  File "/home/ubuntu/git/p2pool-drk/p2pool/util/jsonrpc.py", line 95, in _handle
2015-01-14 07:19:45.081228 >  result = yield method_meth(*list(preargs) + list(params))
2015-01-14 07:19:45.081328 >  File "/home/ubuntu/git/p2pool-drk/p2pool/bitcoin/worker_interface.py", line 20, in rpc_getwork
2015-01-14 07:19:45.081415 >  return self.parent._getwork(request, data, long_poll=self.long_poll)
2015-01-14 07:19:45.081501 >  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/twisted/internet/defer.py", line 1237, in unwindGenerator
2015-01-14 07:19:45.081587 >  return _inlineCallbacks(None, gen, Deferred())
2015-01-14 07:19:45.081668 > --- <exception caught here> ---
2015-01-14 07:19:45.081761 >  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/twisted/internet/defer.py", line 1099, in _inlineCallbacks
2015-01-14 07:19:45.081849 >  result = g.send(result)
2015-01-14 07:19:45.081932 >  File "/home/ubuntu/git/p2pool-drk/p2pool/bitcoin/worker_interface.py", line 84, in _getwork
2015-01-14 07:19:45.082034 >  x, handler = self.worker_bridge.get_work(*self.worker_bridge.preprocess_request(request.getUser() if request.getUser() is not None else ''))
2015-01-14 07:19:45.082126 >  File "/home/ubuntu/git/p2pool-drk/p2pool/bitcoin/worker_interface.py", line 129, in get_work
2015-01-14 07:19:45.082212 >  x, handler = self._inner.get_work(*args)
2015-01-14 07:19:45.082297 >  File "/home/ubuntu/git/p2pool-drk/p2pool/work.py", line 296, in get_work
2015-01-14 07:19:45.082395 >  base_subsidy=self.node.net.PARENT.SUBSIDY_FUNC(self.current_work.value['bits'].bits, self.current_work.value['height']),
2015-01-14 07:19:45.082488 >  File "/home/ubuntu/git/p2pool-drk/p2pool/data.py", line 183, in generate_transaction
2015-01-14 07:19:45.082575 >  raise ValueError()
2015-01-14 07:19:45.082669 > exceptions.ValueError:
2015-01-14 07:19:45.174502 > Unhandled Error
2015-01-14 07:19:45.174739 > Traceback (most recent call last):
2015-01-14 07:19:45.174890 >  File "/home/ubuntu/git/p2pool-drk/p2pool/main.py", line 578, in run
2015-01-14 07:19:45.175020 >  reactor.run()
2015-01-14 07:19:45.175154 >  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/twisted/internet/base.py", line 1192, in run
2015-01-14 07:19:45.175288 >  self.mainLoop()
2015-01-14 07:19:45.175416 >  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/twisted/internet/base.py", line 1201, in mainLoop
2015-01-14 07:19:45.175566 >  self.runUntilCurrent()
2015-01-14 07:19:45.175655 >  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/twisted/internet/base.py", line 824, in runUntilCurrent
2015-01-14 07:19:45.175755 >  call.func(*call.args, **call.kw)
2015-01-14 07:19:45.175863 > --- <exception caught here> ---
2015-01-14 07:19:45.175950 >  File "/home/ubuntu/git/p2pool-drk/p2pool/bitcoin/stratum.py", line 39, in _send_work
2015-01-14 07:19:45.176058 >  x, got_response = self.wb.get_work(*self.wb.preprocess_request('' if self.username is None else self.username))
2015-01-14 07:19:45.176251 >  File "/home/ubuntu/git/p2pool-drk/p2pool/bitcoin/worker_interface.py", line 129, in get_work
2015-01-14 07:19:45.176359 >  x, handler = self._inner.get_work(*args)
2015-01-14 07:19:45.176458 >  File "/home/ubuntu/git/p2pool-drk/p2pool/work.py", line 296, in get_work
2015-01-14 07:19:45.176558 >  base_subsidy=self.node.net.PARENT.SUBSIDY_FUNC(self.current_work.value['bits'].bits, self.current_work.value['height']),
2015-01-14 07:19:45.176669 >  File "/home/ubuntu/git/p2pool-drk/p2pool/data.py", line 183, in generate_transaction
2015-01-14 07:19:45.176769 >  raise ValueError()
2015-01-14 07:19:45.176880 > exceptions.ValueError:
2015-01-14 07:19:45.900973 P2Pool: 0 shares in chain (0 verified/0 total) Peers: 0 (0 incoming) FDs: 6 R/0 W
2015-01-14 07:19:45.901214  Local: 0H/s in last 0.0 seconds Local dead on arrival: ??? Expected time to share: ???
2015-01-14 07:19:46.085049 0 tails:
2015-01-14 07:19:46.086680 0 heads. Top 10:
2015-01-14 07:19:46.086888 Desire 0 shares. Cutoff: 1.0 days old diff>0.00

Testnet p2pool testing:

Or: who is running p2pool currently and which codebase are you using?

Any updates for those of us running dstorm's p2pool stack?
I haven't been able to use p2pool yet either on v11.

Can someone please let me know when we are actually going to have a working mac version. This is getting to be a bit silly. I've been complaining for 4 revisions this version doesn't work. The version 11.06 on the main site doesn't work. It's still got the bitcoin icon. You can't actually run it. Please let me know this is something the dev's realize is totally borked.
As soon at the network hit about 20%, every DRK denomed to 8 deep in about an hour. Only one out of 40 MN daemons have crashed in 24 hours, a major improvement over every single one crashing every 30 minutes or so...

This version is looking sexy. Some very big steps taken, and for the most part, it's working. Do that stuff I said about DS constant, but scaling back based on block depth, and darksend may not need much work anymore, freeing up time to work on ITX and IP Obfuscation maybe... Seems that's almost been forgotten as we chase our tails on DS. How long ago was ITX announced as Evan keeps fighting DS/MN issues? Make DS into a self-regulating paradox and it makes troubleshooting easier, while also making the coin better in a bunch of ways...

Oh, and that mining consolidation fatal flaw that pretty much all clonecoins have... After ITX, the big-ticket feature as Evan calls it, it's pretty much just details...

With start-many in full effect, setting up masternodes is stupid-simple. If you have trouble with setting up a masternode now, well, you're just magically dumb and shouldn't be allowed to own a computer. Even if you have only one masternode, it's still worth it. So freakin' easy now.
Now if only we could get a working mac build :) Sounds like vertoe might have one for me to try!

Nope the current 11.06 build for mac is still broken. It gives teh same errors all the other ones have about corrputed or whatever. The icon is now almost correct. Though it needs a few more pixels to be supported by retina mac's.
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The Mac wallet doesn't appear to be able to badge it as a masternode like I'm used to in the v10. Is that a mac thing or just a v11 thing? Not seeing the masternode in brackets at the top of the wallet?
The Mac wallet doesn't appear to be able to badge it as a masternode like I'm used to in the v10. Is that a mac thing or just a v11 thing? Not seeing the masternode in brackets at the top of the wallet?
The brackets were accidentically removed in v11, will be readded soon.
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