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  • Hello Daniel!

    online staking wallet "POSWallet" is very interested in setting up DASH masternode pools with voting rights given to the smaller shareholders. Posted a pre proposal in the discussion - would love to hear your feedback on this!
    Hi Daniel,
    Got some ideas re introducing Dash to Africa, but a major stumbling block is having only 1 African exchange that trade Dash. The 2 largest in Africa, Luno and Icecube does not offer Dash and I have an idea how to convince them, but I don't want to step on toes if you guys have already approached them or are planning to do so.
    Привет!Для Украины Киев нужны энтузиасты для ДаркКоин?
    hello Minotaur i wanna create my wallet UI but i dont have any information coz i cant find main.ui can u help me?
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