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  • Hello Vertoe, I am totally new to cryptocurrency. I am not techie. I need someone to hold me by the hand here. I have picked you. Can you do do me that favour? Thanks.
    Yes, please come back, vertoe, not because of this ungrateful community, but for the sake of technology, you can't just drop everything and walk away! :(
    Yes, I have to pay $29.94 for a year to keep this event going on. I know I have been to Berlin partying so I know it is not that far away.
    Yeah that's what this city is made for...
    Ha! Thank you for inflating the interest of Darkcoin in my shit town Malmö!
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    He! Are you really paying to keep this running? Malmö is not even far away.
    Hello! The Darkcoin has been added to Comkort exchange for a long time but we're not in the list of official exchanges for sharing coins.
    Can you announce us in this list? We mean to the site and the information page on the forums.
    By the way, the Darkcoin is traded good now.
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    Comkort Team
    ld_exchanger ripped me of 15ltc . :( ur a moderator if u want proof I uploaded conversation from yahoo .
    hi vertoe, i intelligent darkcoin and i wanna develop a test application but where will i start?
    Can you advice me somewhere to start? example or document?
    Hello Sir,
    Noob question: I have 1000 darks, do I have to "give" them to you, or is it a cold wallet system? Isn't is kind of risky to lend 1k drks to a stranger?

    Also, you take 20% of earning and take care of everything, is that right?
    Hi Vertoe,
    splawik told me that you created a webpage where he can track his total masternode earnings. Could you create one for me as well (I'll give you DRK for it)? Let me know, thanks!
    Hey man, thanks for your help.

    Ok, so im new to tails linux, i have downloaded the rc4 10.x files.

    Now when i try to open the files in tails, it does nothing. I went into the file propertys and changed to executable but still no luck.

    Does tails linux run on 64? or 32? I think it maybe 32 and the reason its not booting up.
    Can you please like one of my posts? I have a project online that, if it gets attention, would help expand the Darkcoin economy.

    In order to post a link to my project in General Discussion, I need at least one like.

    I was in Vertoes Masternode shares. It was a great service that paid out perfectly and Vertoe was upfront and responsive whole time. ++1
    Sold vertoe a Casascius Physical Bitcoin for 140.00 DRK (approx ~2.50 BTC at today's prices). Transaction was fast, smooth and very pleasant! Thanks again, vertoe! :)
    Help me out here please!
    Im a noob with two R9 290 Gpus and I have 4,5 mh/s when I mine. How many DrC per day may I earn. I'm little confused cus I was told by one at this forum that he earned 1-2 DrC per day with that rate, but it seems in the account pool that I only make 0,1 DrC per day. , have they changed anything or has it become harder to mine DrC.
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