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v0.10.16.x Testing

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The zero-fee throttling is enforced by the queuing system here:


Basically, what's happening is the masternodes aren't allowed to send queue messages more often than the rest of the network (with a good margin of error in the calc). So when connecting to a masternode, it's best to connect to one that hasn't been used recently, otherwise now it will reject you and tell you to go elsewhere. This serves two purposes, 1.) to stop queue gaming (some sending out DSQ's all of the time to collect as many sessions as possible) 2.) To limit the amount of transactions a masternode can make. You'll notice only other masternodes can increment the counter.

After a queue message is accepted, the masternode is flagged as able to send 1 free transaction. Each Darksend session broadcasts a DSQ to the whole network, so this means the whole network knows that masternode is able to send that transaction, including the miners.

A brilliant solution! This also allows clients to flock to only a few masternodes at a time making it more likely to find peers for the mixning process. I love it!

I've ditched the subscription concept in favor of randomly charging the collateral as a fee. This is paid directly to the miners, so it'll actually pay for the free blocks they mine. With per-round fees attached to the translation we really can't get the fee's below 0.0125DRK, which is really expensive if you're anonymizing 1DRK. However, with free-transactions and collateral, the system could take different amounts of collateral depending on which denominations are used. E.g. Charge 0.005DRK for 8 rounds of 1DRK., 0.02DRK for 8 rounds of 10DRK, etc.
I really like this solution.
I'd like to hear more about how the "randomly charging" process works. If it's decided only by the masternode, then miners can run masternodes that always charge the collateral in order to increase miners rewards.

The other issue with fee's, you would mix for example 10 fees at once up front with 3 other people. Now every round you would have that same transaction ID, so you know those 8 rounds belong to 1 of 3 people. Whereas without fees, there's nothing to track. I think this idea scales and is a huge improvement to the anonymity.

Thats true if the fees are actually mixed upfront.
I have been thinking about a solution that treats fees as normal darksend denominations until they are to be used, so they will be mixed with each darksend round, preventing this above mentioned issue from occurring. Fees will then be paid by one of the fee denominations each round while the rest of them will be mixed in the transaction.
This way the fee has the exact same level of anonymity as the rest of the funds. I have also thought about a solution to the problem of bloat in case someone wants to go for like 100 rounds, because then he'd have to use 100 fee denominations in each Tx, which makes the Tx way too big in size.
This could be fixed by introducing denomination convertibility. Now I know you are concerned about the bloat that denomination convertibility can cause, but it can also reduce bloat in a lot of circumstances.
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Ugh, the cheapo VPS I was using cooked itself overnight running a main net and test net MN... I will rent another just for test net.
Hi all,

I've used the 2 minutes of Internet time I'm allowed on vacation to update the official Twitter, and to make this post!

My wife is calling me, so I'll make this brief:

Sounds like some good ideas have been thought of for this Darksend issue, good to see it!

Has there been any discussion as to what shade of black this release will be called? The media loves these from what I've been hearing, BTW...

OK, back to vacation!

Same here.. after 3rd round completed - 200/8

edit: And again after restart when I press "Start Darksend Mixing"
I ended up deleting everything in my AppData/Roaming/Darkcoin/testnet3 file except the wallet.dat, re-sync'd and it seemed to work.

Except, now I'm stuck at 20% completed and just noticed my wallet is locked again. My wallet gives me the option to STOP darksend mixing, not start it. I remember signing in to start it... I guess I'll hit that button a couple of times to get it going again?? Maybe I did something??

Nope it crashed again.... gotta get kid ready for school, be back later!
****** PLEASE UPDATE TO v10.16.3 *******

Don't you ever sleep?

Just waiting for 15 confirmations. Liking the newfangled base 2 denoms.
root@testnet:~/.darkcoin# ./darkcoind masternode start
successfully started masternode
root@testnet:~/.darkcoin# ./darkcoind masternode list
  "" : 1,
  "" : 1,
  "" : 1,
  "" : 1,
  "" : 1
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