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NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

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I have been in the corner of the room observing and smoking cigarettes a while but I like what I am seeing in the room and decided to join the conversation. Looking forward to learning more here and seeing where this goes.
Hi guys I am a new member and I want to post about my current project but that would include placing links so here is me posting for the sake of...
Good day Dash.
I'm Abdullah affectionately called ultimatecrypto. A Nigerian but A Ghanaian resident.
I believe CRYPTOCURRENCY is the way to solve Africa economic woes. If our beloved black Africans knew about crytpocurrency they wouldn't be traded for Slavery at Libya as a result of seeking for greener pastures.

The campaign has started and I know Dash is the light to clear the darkness on Africa
Hi everyone, I am from Venezuela, crypto enthusiast and programmer.

Off topic but can't upload an avatar using Safari or Firefox, is there any limitation for being a n00b?

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Hello Dash World! Im Alejandro Echeverria from Venezuela. Im an entrepreneur with 2 active companies here in Venezuela and soon Peru & Panama. I loved the Dash project because it really use the concepts of criptocurrencies and blockchain: speed, privacy (Evolution is the future of micro payments) and the governance system is revolutionary. Me and my partners are thinking about a proposal to help a real and a huge adoption of DASH in our country. You guys will listen about us soon! Lets go!!
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